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Kopi Kenangan Hanya Untukmu awards digital mandate to ADA Indonesia

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — After a year of handling its social media, Indonesia’s first F&B unicorn Kopi Kenangan Hanya Untukmu has appointed digital service provider ADA Indonesia to handle its Above the Line (ATL) work. The appointment expands the relationship between the two companies, from the scope of digital/social to managing Kopi Kenangan Hanya Untukmu’s whole end-to-end creative work, making ADA Indonesia as its integrated creative partner for 2023.

“Aside from this pitch, previously ADA also delivered successful efforts in our past programs, which shows how it truly understands what we need and the unique personality of our brand, as well as assisting us in coming up with the right strategies and messaging in interacting with our customers,” said Susan Ernawati, Head of Marketing, Kopi Kenangan.

“ADA managed to skillfully and quickly process the data that we own to prepare an effective go-to-market plan. They really understood the purpose of the plan and our desires as well. We enjoy collaborating with ADA as they position themselves as a partner instead of an agency,” she added.


ADA Indonesia has been working closely with Kopi Kenangan Hanya Untukmu throughout 2022, helping the brand to grow in all the metrics that matter and positioning it as the number one ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee brand in Indonesia. Hence, the appointment also indicates an impactful collaboration and trust between the two companies.

“Our long-standing relationship with Kopi Kenangan Hanya Untukmu led us to truly understand the brand and what it needs to grow as a business. Equipped with our strong understanding of data and consumer insights, we help clients carefully navigate their communications efforts to stay relevant with their target audience,” explained Faradi Bachri, Country Director, Marketing Services, ADA Indonesia.

ADA Indonesia operates with a guiding principle to always address the core problem encountered by each of its clients. In addition, its capabilities go beyond digital/social and ATL perspectives, ensuring a cohesive strategy and solutions across all channels and communications that work Through the Line (TTL).

Kopi Kenangan Hanya Untukmu may celebrate having found the right agency partner as today’s highly fierce competition forces businesses to constantly think outside the box in marketing their products and interacting with customers. This is one of the many reasons why companies seek assistance from agencies to help identify the right strategies and approaches to achieving their business goals. In fact, a survey from Gartner indicated that companies have been allocating 24% of their marketing budget to acquire services from agencies throughout 2022.

ADA has been trusted by various companies in Indonesia to achieve their business goals and has been proven capable of delivering outstanding results from different sectors. ADA commits to helping clients’ businesses grow through integrated data, marketing, commerce, and customer experience solutions.

“We make it our mission at ADA to deliver the best-in-class work for our clients and we are eager for more successful collaborations with them this year,” Faradi concluded.

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