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Maison Bukana Wines captures the excellence of two worlds: French viticulture and Philippine spirits

MAKATI, PHILIPPINES — Nestled in the serenity of Siargao’s sandy shores, Maison Bukana resort has long been synonymous with luxury, relaxation, and timeless elegance. As the gentle waves kiss the coastline and palm trees sway to a tropical rhythm, the resort has become a haven for discerning travelers, a piece of paradise carved into the heart of the Philippine archipelago. It’s here that the legacy of Maison Bukana began, a legacy of excellence, tradition, and unmatched service. 

Fast forward to today, and Maison Bukana is expanding its horizons, capturing the grandeur of French viticulture, and pairing it with the vibrant spirit of the Philippines. Introducing: Maison Bukana Wines. 

Journeying from the endless, sunlit vineyards of France to the tranquil beauty of the Philippine islands, Maison Bukana Wines curates a selection that harmonizes with the country’s tropical palette, evoking warmth, familiarity, and moments of sheer bliss. The wines, much like the Maison Bukana resort, aim to capture and celebrate the richness of diverse landscapes, traditions, and tastes.


Each bottle is a testament to craftsmanship, an ode to those timeless moments of solitude and celebration. “At the heart of Maison Bukanalies is a simple yet profound philosophy: harmonizing the best of worlds. Our wines, much like our resort, aim to capture and celebrate the richness of diverse landscapes, traditions, and tastes,” said Christophe Bariou, Partner in Maison Bukana Wines.

This venture takes an even more intriguing turn with the involvement of Filipino sensation, Nadine Lustre.  With accomplishments that stretch across film, television, and music, her association with Maison Bukana Wines reinforces the brand’s commitment to distinction and sophistication. As Maison Bukana charts this audacious journey, blending the tranquil allure of its Siargaoresort with the art of world-class winemaking, it beckons you to be a part of something monumental. This is more than just a launch; it’s the birth of an era where flavors, stories, and legacies converge. Prepare to be enchanted. The Maison Bukana experience awaits as the grand unveiling of this exquisite collection draws near.

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