People: Gushcloud Philippines welcomes Gushcloud Porea’s exclusive talent, Just Moy

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Gushcloud Philippines is set to work with Gushcloud Korea’s exclusive talent, Moy Esguerra, popularly known as “Just Moy” for a cross border exclusive representation. In this partnership, the digital and talent agency will be working closely with Moy Esguerra’ to represent her and manage key brand deals while she stays in the Philippines.

Moy Esguerra is well known for her vlogs showing her daily life as a Filipina student living in South Korea. She also shared her interesting experiences such as meeting BTS’ Jimin’s Dad in a cafe, discovering the skincare routine that worked for her, exploring Korean street food and night markets, and her realizations in living in South Korea.

Now that Esguerra is back in the Philippines, she is looking forward to interacting and meeting her Filipino fans and sharing the beauty of the Philippines through her vlogs. According to her, “I am very excited to show my life here in the Philippines, how different it is from my life back when I was in Korea. I want to capture the good memories with my loved ones and most importantly, now that we are entering the new normal, I am so excited to meet my supporters who have been with me since day one.”

Moy also mentioned that she is excited to collaborate with fellow content creators, “Kristel Fulgar and Sylvia Kim are just some of the frequently suggested collabs that my fans want to see and now that I’m here in the Philippines, why not, right? I’m looking forward to making fun memories with lots of good people. and I want my friends and fans to be part of that. So definitely a big “yes” to collaborations!”

“Being part of Gushcloud International allows the PH Team to welcome and handle cross-border talents. We are very excited to have Moy here in Gushcloud Philippines and we are currently working on creating opportunities, getting deals, and building up her relations with Filipino fans. Cross-border opportunities is one of the avenues that allows our talents to grow and expand as artists and creators. I’m proud that that kind of scope is something that Gushcloud can provide to its set of exclusive talents. Our cross-border talents’ reach and content become more expansive, catering to a wider and more diverse set of audiences,” says Felice Olondriz, Head of Talents of Gushcloud Philippines.

“We know that adjusting can be a pain point, especially from one country to another, but Gushcloud is like a family – if you are part of it in South Korea, then you are equally part of the Philippine talent ecosystem. That’s the relationship we are extending to Moy Esguerra here in the country, locally. Although the PH has always been her home, we look to make her time here as productive and as effective as possible. So no matter if she’s staying here short-term or long term, she can rest easy knowing that her Gushcloud Family will be around every step of the way to support her,” says Jamie Paraso, Country Director of Gushcloud Philippines.

Currently, Moy has amassed over 800,000 subscribers on her YouTube, over 67,000 followers on Instagram, and over 49,000 followers on Facebook.

Aside from Moy Esguerra, Gushcloud has also signed fashion designer, Rajo Laurel, celebrity wedding videographer, Jason Magbanua, gaming creator Chin Valdes and Yuka Kuroyanagi, influencer and content creator, Laura Barber, celebrities Bangs Garcia, Ciara Sotto, Bettinna Carlos, Michelle Madrigal, and Patrick Garcia & family for channel management.


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