MANILA – adobo magazine, the word on creativity, launched its new website during its anniversary party on April 10. Entitled “Milestones”, the celebration marked the magazine’s eighth year and 50th issue, featuring design guru Lucille Tenazas on the cover.

24 hours before the launch, the adobo magazine website was replaced with a timer counting down to the big reveal. Guests joined adobo’s president and editor-in-chief Angel Guerrero in the last few seconds of the countdown before the new site went live.

The new, developed by Spinweb, features a new design that is easy to navigate, with a fully responsive user interface that resizes seamlessly from desktops, to tablets, to mobile devices. The most recent news appears right on the homepage, and breaking news and current events are highlighted in a featured news header. A meganav makes it easier for users to explore the site, which includes local and global news, as well as a dedicated digital section powered by Smart.

A highly improved search experience and tagging system allows viewers to find related content and discover stories they are interested in. There is also an improved events section with a list view and calendar view, where users can find the latest and upcoming industry events both in and outside the Philippines. The site also features multiple forms for subscription to the magazine and e newsletter, advertising, and general inquiry.

According to Guerrero, the revamped website is only the first of adobo’s updated digital platforms. “Soon, we will also be launching our mobile apps and even adobo TV. These updated platforms help us stay relevant to the industry we serve – this community of advertisers, supporters, staff – all of whom are indispensable,” she said. Also during the anniversary party, an awards ceremony was held revealing 2013’s Ad of the Year winner, Lowe Philippines’ Makahiya work for Save the Children.

This event was made possible by Smart Ads, URBN Bar & Kitchen, Spinweb, Executive Decisions, Seabiscuit, Giantsponge Digital, Pinwheel, Martin Codax, Barcino Corporation, and Photoman.

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