MANILA – In a world that’s now inundated with content of every size shape and form — in which each and every vendor is pumping out blog posts, tweets, ebooks and webinars, and even your neighbor nanny is dubbing video — we’ve reached a tipping point. Some call it “content shock” — the idea that today’s marketing is defined by the exponentially increasing amount of content intersecting with our limited human ability to consume it. And like it or not, consumers now spend not-insignificant sum of money each year on tools that block things: ad blockers, call blockers and spam filters, while brands continue to shell out millions.

The oft-used analogy is that digital marketing now is the equivalent of shouting into a hurricane. With everyone doing the same thing, what will make your brand stand out?

Bent & Buzz is a contentment company providing branded entertainment solutions through heart-felt, funny, honest stories in the form of DIY, music videos, short films, series, movies, that will inject brands and products into what the consumer already enjoy watching without disrupting them. This subconscious way of selling has always been popular in Hollywood from James Bond’s latest gadgets, clothes, liquor, even banned to advertise cigarettes.

True, this is not an entirely new approach. Branded entertainment has been around as long as modern advertising, and based on the demonstrated value of branded content, predicted to be a $20 billion industry by 2021.

Headed by an advertising creative executive for years, crossed over to multimedia platforms for content, movies, series, TV, online entertainment and brand video, multi-awarded screenwriter, Lilit Reyes. He believes every brand is part of a person’s story. Marketing has changed drastically in the last five years. That’s great for weary-eyed consumers who are tired of being talked at, and wasting their time on viewing ads. Hard sell, no longer appeal to the greater majority of younger consumers as early as two years old, they learn to “skip ads”.

It’s time for a creative revolution: “We believe every brand, has helped and provided a solution to a person’s life and through great story telling, brave and irreverent way of making the brand take a back seat to tell more about the lives of the consumers who use them.” says Reyes.

“We have always believed that creativity is the most powerful business tool. Lilit offers a fresh perspective for branded entertainment and is a natural storyteller who had decades of experience creating relevant and insightful stories for brands, touching the hearts of Filipinos. We welcome him warmly back to the group.” Gil G. Chua, DDB Group Chair and CEO.

Bent & Buzz provides the most ambitious brands with the best stories in creating entertaining content, marketing management, cross-channel publishing, activation and measurement. To learn more about Bent & Buzz, you may reach Anna Chua-Norbert, Corporate Communications Director.

In main image are (from L to R), Gil G. Chua, Chairman and CEO of DDB Group Philippines; Anna Chua-Norbert, Corporate Communications Director of DDB Group Philippines; and Lilit Reyes, Head of Ben & Buzz.