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Design: Fablab Bohol is Producing Face Shields for COVID-19 Frontliners in their Province to Donate to Local Hospitals and Clinics

BOHOL, PHILIPPINES — FABLAB (Fabrication Laboratory), a center for design, innovation, and invention with the aim to “make anything”, is taking matters into their own hands in terms of providing medical frontliners with the necessary equipment to safeguard themselves from COVID-19. The Fablab Bohol chapter in the Bohol Island State University started their production run of face shields on March 24, 2020, calling on partners, sponsors, and volunteers to donate time and materials to their initiative. 


The team shared their 5-minute production process online to inspire its community to help out:

  1. Cut the design (frame) using a laser cutter. Each cut frame will take up to 1 minute.
  2. Use acetate rolls or PVC sheets (long size with 200 mic) — must be clear. 
  3. Use puncher to make the holes on the side.
  4. Attach the acetate / PVC to the frames. 

The FABLAB Bohol Makers also shared that these face shields will not be sold to the market, as they are committed to donate all of the outputs to frontliners working in hospitals and clinics in the province of Bohol. 

As materials may be limited, they are also asking for support in sending more materials their way to use in production: 

– Acrylic Plastic (4.5mm thickness)
– Acetate Plastic roll or PVC (long size)

Barter is also a possibility, as organizations which might have a need for face shields but have no means to make them can hand over materials to FABLAB. Afterwards, the team will give the finished shields back to them. 

After launching the initiative at 10:00 AM on March 24, the team reported turning in 208 face shields to various medical institutions in Bohol as of March 25, 2020, at 9:00 PM. 

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