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Events: XIKLAB Digital launches Zoom in on Art, initiative to support artists worldwide

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – We spend each day of the month in the confines of our home as the world tries to heal itself from the pandemic. For the first time, we are all experiencing the “New normal”, wherein everything we used to do outside has to be done at home; from working to playing and from exercising to socializing. Also, we have become reliant on the creative works of artists and content creators to keep us busy, entertained and fair-minded.

In order to give back, Xiklab Digital, the largest Filipino digital creative agency, created a platform for artists to showcase their skills and talents in digital art called: “Zoom in on Art”. It is a gallery that features the original works of artists that can be used for online video call meetings.

From July 18 to July 31, 2020 (Philippine time), there will be a contest for “Zoom in on Art”. Artists all over the world can share their digital artwork and get a chance to win USD 500 (or PHP 25,000). The artwork with the highest score in line with the criteria will win the prize!



Polling by Xiklab Digital employees: 20%
Total number of downloads: 50%
Creativity (scored by our Creative Director): 30%

1. Like and follow the Xiklab Digital Facebook and Instagram Account
Twitter: @XiklabDigital
IG: @xiklab_digital
Facebook: Xiklab Digital

2. Submit your Artwork Entry to zoomart@xiklab.com on or before July 31, 2020.
a. Dimensions are 1920px by 1080px and the file size must be less than 5MB. The
gallery will credit all contributing artists so include your name, title of your work
and a short description about it. All submitted artworks that passed the
screening will be re-posted in all our social media accounts.
b. Art must not contain any harmful, offensive, sexual, and sensitive content.

3. The selected artworks will be featured to be a downloadable Zoom background under
Zoom In On Art

4. The winner with the highest score in accordance with the criteria will receive a cash
prize of PHP 25,000.00 or USD 500.00.

For more information about the mechanics and on how to join, visit their website xiklab.com or check out their social media accounts.
Twitter: @XiklabDigital
IG: @xiklab_digital
Facebook: Xiklab Digital

“It’s not just about creativity, it is about the person you’re becoming while you’re
creating”. –
Charlie Peacock, 2014

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