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People: Techglobal’s Marketing Director, Aldrin Derrick Chua evolves business during the quarantine

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– We’ve all seen the difference the quarantine has made to our daily schedules. Being able to work from home means earning back extra hours that would otherwise be spent stuck in traffic or elsewhere.

For Aldrin Derrick Chua, Techglobal Incorporated’s Director for Marketing, it was all about pursuing new endeavours on top of his usual schedule. Pre-quarantine, Chua would often have a round of eight to ten meetings of talking to clients, leading his team, and strategizing the company’s plans. During the quarantine, he finally found the time to pursue his executive MBA and even kickstart a new subsidiary for Techglobal Incorporated.

Chua has always made the most of his time. He is the treasurer of the United Suppliers of the Philippines, an organization composed of the leading supplier per category Techglobal being the best in the pipes industry. He also holds office in other organizations such as the Anvil Business Club and his high school alma mater’s alumni association at St. Jude Catholic School.


Nothing short of an achiever, Chua is always in a pursuit for excellence. After graduating magna cum laude from Ateneo’s prestigious BS Management Honors program, Chua worked in Globe Telecommunications as a management associate before declining his management promotion almost a year into the program. He was asked by his father to help out in the family business, Techglobal Incorporated. The pioneer of PPR & HDPE Pipes in the Philippines, Techglobal is also the top choice of developers for their pipes. However, Chua started like any other employee in the family business.

A lead-by-example type of guy, Chua is transparent with his team on his personal sales. “I don’t want them to think I’m slacking off so I show them my personal sales. I also teach them the best practices that work for me and how they can integrate it into their strategies,” he shares. As a leader, he expects two things from his team: loyalty and performance, the lack of either will just not cut it. “I also believe in rewarding or disciplining my team based on their performance.”

Business never sleeps for Chua, taking one’s work home is an understatement for him. Even in his bedroom, pipe samples are displayed artfully on a shelf. “Even after business hours, you are not exempt. Strategy planning is a part of our dinner table topics but that’s part and parcel, you‘ll get used to it,” he shares. “There’s definitely a lot of pressure working in the family business but that pressure that is what makes the business better.”

Prior to the pandemic, Chua shares that the construction industry was extremely aggressive. While there might be a slow down due to the quarantine, Chua forecasts a pickup mid-2021. “With the rise of the economy, construction is also bound to rise and that was happening in the Philippines. With this rise, comes the demand for better, quality products and that’s what Techglobal offers. Our pipes are the best in the country,” Chua boasts.

Although often overseen, pipes are an integral part of a space’s functionality. While other pipe suppliers want to offer the most affordable pipes, coming with it is also a cheaper quality. Usual PVC and typical PPR pipes break easily and a total overhaul is needed to replace any damaged pipes. “While typical pipes might save you more upfront, in the long run it will cost you more,” he points out. Aside from contractors and hardware stores, Techglobal mainly sells to developers. “We go directly to the people who’ll be using the property developments, the developers want their property to be the best, so they get the best value for the piping materials,” Chua shares.

The young director sums up Techglobal with this: best pipes, best quality, and best technology. “This is why we’re not ashamed to meet with our clients, we show our faces to them because we have nothing to hide,” Chua proudly states. “Techglobal never sells cheap, we only sell quality and innovative products. It might be more costly upfront but it’s always better in the long run.”

The company’s latest offering the first and only anti-microbial pipes, ideal for today’s viral situation. “Our goal is to provide each Filipino with access to safe, potable drinking water and this product pushes that vision further,” Chua points out. They’ve rolled out these pipes for Emergency Quarantine Facilities Initiative, lead by Ar. William Ti in partnership with the IATF. Techglobal has donated over P1.5 Million (and counting) worth of pipes to more than 60 EQFs. “We want to help the country to get back on its feet whatever way we can,” Chua shares.

This is the same reason he spearheaded bringing the first medical-grade air purifier in the country. “Lufontic was actually my quarantine project. I wanted to make the most of my time during the quarantine so I thought of bringing in a product that can help make the situation better.” Luftonic Air Purifiers are proven to kill the Coronavirus strain effectively and need no filter changes, unlike air purifiers that need a filter change every six months. With numerous competitors online selling cheaper options, Chua has stayed true to what he has learned from his years in Techglobal: sticking to the best products without cutting corners, even if it meant his product was pegged at a premium versus competitors. The formula has proven to be effective yet again as Chua is overwhelmed by the demand for the premium air purifier amongst doctors, hotels, and residential properties.

“When it comes to purchasing behavior, the paradigm has definitely shifted due to the pandemic,” he shares. “That’s why we’re confident that our products, both the anti-microbial pipes and the air purifier will do well. Bio-safety products are no longer a want, bio-safety products are now a need.” He forecasts that people do not want to take risks when it comes to their health and investing in products that can keep one healthy is definitely a trend that’s here to stay. The quarantine has brought about pros and cons for us all. For Aldrin Derrick Chua, it’s business as usual with a bit of binge-watching on the side to help him unwind. While safe at home, Chua is focused on finishing his Executive MBA and keeping on top of his busy to-do list composed of shipping in more air purifiers, donating and selling more pipes, and keeping the excellence flowing in the family business.

For more information, visit techglobal.com.ph.

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