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Technology: Google Marketing Platform, a Trustworthy Partner in Digital Marketing

Advertising treads on the heels of advancement in technology. At times, it speeds ahead—where engagement and competition of several industries explode in numbers. 

The Google Marketing Platform is the platform where the rise of advertising with technology meet. Beginning with DoubleClick Digital Marketing in 1996, this platform partners with digital marketers in delivering effective strategies, channels, and media for their customers. This online platform has helped several industries in the local and international market, especially in the field of media. 

Home to well-known titles such as, Preview, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire, Summit Publishing Inc. is one of the trusted lifestyle networks of Philippine media. Despite having a wide range of digital media brands, one of the challenges Summit was facing is the balance for their ads between fitting the taste of their diverse audiences and boosting value for their advertisers. 


An indication of this challenge is Summit Media not having a brand focusing on travel. With this in mind, the publishing company came up with an idea of using its travel-related content in their pool of websites to create a personalized ad experience for their readers.

Building a custom-fit experience from an existing network

With Analytics 360, Summit Media has partnered with Cebu Pacific to create tailor-made ads in guiding readers directly to their chosen flight schedules and destinations. | Photo borrowed from Google

In creating a tailor-fit ad experience for readers who are passionate about travel, Summit Media teamed up with local airline company Cebu Pacific Air and Kasatria, a Google Marketing Platform partner. The objective is to use the insights gained from its evergreen travel content in formulating ads for Cebu Pac’s priority destinations. The ads will be posted in Summit’s digital publications after. 

With the help of the platform, Summit Media sought Google Analytics 360 and Google Ad Manager 360 in understanding their readers more. Analytics 360 was able to provide a wider scope of their preferences while Ad Manager 360 reached their travel-reading audience from travel-related content to travel placements.


Putting the plan into action: Summit Media’s framework setup with Analytics 360 in crafting customized travel ads for their readers. | Photo borrowed from Google

The integration of Analytics 360 and Ad Manager 360 in Summit Media’s network allowed them to formulate personalized ads based on their reader’s scope of interest regarding travel. Through the features of the Google platform, Summit was able to understand their audience’s interest in travel while navigating their interest to Cebu Pac’s travel offers. 

Boost of sales and readership

The partnership of Summit Media and Cebu Pacific with Google Marketing Platform is a success as numbers from both local companies erupted.

Cebu Pacific’s custom-fit ads based from the insights of Summit’s existing travel content saw a significant rise in sales with a total of 700% average return on advertising spend (ROAS). Bringing the publishing company’s audience to the airline’s seat offers and destinations resulted in the readership’s trust for their travel needs. 

On the other hand, the use of Cebu Pac’s ads in Summit’s evergreen travel content brought a staggering number of more than 900% click-through rates (CTR) for the publishing company.

Amina Rillo, Chief Digital Officer of Summit Media, praised Google’s platform in understanding the needs of their readers in content and related ads. She added, “Our network is better positioned to orchestrate the results that our advertisers care about. Not only were we able to drive awareness, but we also helped grow sales and revenue for our partner brands.”

The role of Google in raising numbers

As Summit Media moves forward, it is no surprise that it will consider Google Marketing Platform in delivering timely and comprehensive content for their readers and advertising partners. 

Google Marketing Platform unifies both DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 suite in helping companies gauge digital media numbers and all-around customer experience in one. It promotes a more collaborative way of digital marketing while protecting customers’ privacy, especially with their data insights. 

The platform has seven features: Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Analytics 360, Data Studio, Optimize 360, Surveys 360, and Tag Manager 360. Each feature plays their own part in assuring a customer-first experience in for companies’ digital marketing endeavors. 

For more information on Google Marketing Platform and how it can help boost your company’s digital marketing needs, you can it out here

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