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BBDO India and Milkbasket save the day with a campaign that brings in all the smiles

MUMBAI, INDIA — Guests you didn’t expect, a maid on leave, or a really rough hangover? With online milk and grocery store Milkbasket‘s latest morning campaign by creative agency BBDO India, one thing is clear – no matter what life throws your way, one thing is for certain: there’s always a way to save the day. Through six short videos, BBDO India captures and brings to life a number of everyday life scenarios we can all truly relate to: from weight gain to unexpected invited guests to the unfortunate consequences of a night out, sure to make anyone smile.


“Milkbasket, as a brand, represents reliability and convenience. We always strive to live up to our promise of an assured delivery of daily essentials by 7 AM every morning, come what may. Our customers often talk about their experiences of how Milkbasket has eased out their life in running their home. That’s why we wanted to develop a fresh new campaign that honors how our customers feel about us and how much we care about them and their daily lives. I wanted a refreshing take on our everyday life scenarios, something that is crisp, short, witty, and memorable. I am glad about the work put in by our brand team and BBDO on this campaign. I believe this campaign would leave behind millions of smiles,” said Milkbasket Co-founder Yatish.

“Milkbasket has a very unique offering, solving for a problem that probably every household faces. That, combined with our age-old tradition of having essentials bought or delivered early in the morning makes for a great positioning platform that’s high on both relevance, and relatability. As we scale up the service across multiple cities, the task of hyper localizing the brand and finding cultural roots in everyday behavior of our TG is the key opportunity and objective that we are going after. We are working very closely with the team at Milkbasket to create a national power brand that is truly regional in its behavior. It’s been a super exciting journey and I’m looking forward to the results this campaign brings to the business,” added BBDO India Chief Growth Officer & GM Nikhil Mahajan.

Talking about the creative thought, BBDO Delhi CCO Krishna Mani said, “This insight of making mornings good came from the personal experiences of the team working on the brand. Everyone in the team is a frequent user of the Milkbasket app and they swear by it. The feeling of waking up and finding your Milkbasket packet at your door, with everything that is needed for the day, just makes the mornings super good. Good morning should really be said because it’s a GOOD morning!”

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