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Ben&Ben finds meaning in impermanence on new single ‘Comets’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES —Multi-awarded Filipino band Ben&Ben invites listeners on a journey of self-introspection with the release of their new 2024 single “Comets” via Sony Music Entertainment.

“Comets” is an emotional track that conveys the ephemeral nature of relationship fallouts and disconnections. While the song looks back at memories with mixed feelings of loss and pensiveness, the experience it brings offers a bright promise of hope and acceptance, no matter the result.

“Though mostly dwelling on that feeling of loss, the song ends with the hopeful realization of gratitude — being thankful for ever having experienced any of it at all,” Ben&Ben explained in a press statement.


According to Paolo and Miguel Benjamin, the songwriters’ behind “Comets,” the pop-rock tune was inspired by the many losses of people that they’ve encountered in different parts of their lives over the past four years: breakups, end of friendships, parting ways with professional relationships.

“With each loss comes a painful process of asking why the nature of life is as such,” revealed Ben&Ben. “The answer is hardly ever straightforward but reveals itself over long periods of time. ‘Comets’ is an expression of that very journey, and hopes to help the listener through these realities in their lives too.”

“Comets” has gone through several iterations since the band started jamming it together in the latter parts of 2021. The Filipino band admits that it’s one of the songs they’ve spent the longest trying to fine-tune and play around with in terms of arrangement and song structure.

Eventually, Ben&Ben found the right musical direction and vision for the song, pulling from their own experience of loss to settle on a version they’re most comfortable working with.

The “Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay” hitmakers eventually recruited Indonesian producer Petra Sihombing to be part of the project, adding final but pivotal touches to the track.

“He flew in to help us bring the song to the next level, with his own additions in both the arrangement and post-production of the track,” they said. “The band probably had about 90% of the song down, but it was Petra’s very weighty 10% that really helped make the song what it is now.”

The band hopes that LIWANAG, their fanbase, would resonate to the parting words of the song, particularly the lines, “though these nights are turning gray, still I am thankful for what’s passed I know there will come a day when I will finally understand.” For Ben&Ben, gratitude and hope can come without totally understanding the “whys” behind it all.

“We’re on the same journey of finding these answers ourselves — of why life is fleeting. And with that hope comes the strength and courage we need to keep going, to keep loving, and to keep on finding meaning in our experiences.”

Ben&Ben’s “Comets” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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