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Brand & Business: electriclimefilms changes name to electriclime° and adopts new working hours

SINGAPORE — New Year. New Name.

Formally electriclimefilms, the film production company is delighted to announce that it will now be known as electriclime°.

For more than ten years, electriclime° has upheld the highest standards in film production, creating quality work for its clients and continuing to push the boundaries of advertising.


At its core, electriclime° has always represented diversity and inclusion within its filmmaking, promoting sustainability and looking beneath the surface of projects to dive deeper and find the stories and art within.

The change in name represents the company’s ongoing thirst to expand its reach across the world, and with borders opening up across the globe, explore the opportunities that will bring in the future to represent different locations and cultures.

The ° symbol represents a compass, a device used for navigation and geography, both being fundamental skills in electriclime°’s filmmaking process, from location scouting and finding out studio locations around the globe.

Since its initial opening in 2010 in Singapore, electriclime° has continued to grow its reach, opening an office in Dubai and then a branch in 2020 in Sydney, Australia.

The company continues to bring in new and exciting talent, with the Dubai team being led by new Senior Producer Mahmoud El Masry, while Rania Salamé has joined as Production Manager.

Meanwhile, electriclime° also added new Junior Creative Director Daniel Marjan in Singapore, alongside Carmelle Alexis Tan as Production Manager.

electriclime° has always strived for a healthy work-life balance for its employees, maintaining its ability to produce high-end work for clients while allowing a flexible working experience and enjoyable atmosphere.

With that aim in mind, the company has reduced its hours to 38 per week, with official times 9:30am-6pm Monday to Thursday and 10am-2pm on Fridays in each office.

Michael Ahmadzadeh, Executive Producer and Partner of electriclime°, said: “We are really excited about 2022, we’ve adopted 4.5 day week across all our offices, brought on new talent and realigned our strategy to reflect the company’s foundational pillars, with a focus on people & culture, excellence and being a global production house.”

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