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Brand & Business: LivePerson, Inc. appoints Derventio Asia as a global business partner for AI-driven conversational solutions.

SINGAPORE — LivePerson, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Derventio Asia Pte. Ltd. as a global business partner for the marketing and application of AI-driven conversational solutions.

By combining LivePerson’s technology with Derventio Asia’s solutions, brands can more easily and quickly engage with consumers through conversations on popular messaging channels — including SMS, Line, Facebook and Instagram Messenger, Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messaging, WeChat, WhatsApp, and more — in combination with AI and automation to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Derventio Asia, based in Singapore, is the specialist in customer engagement solutions and works with clients throughout Asia to access and implement leading customer engagement and service solutions in various industry sectors. Derventio in Asia is represented by Matt Seddon, the previous CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and Greg Martin (ex Sun Life insurance), both of whom have decades of experience in digital strategy, customer engagement, marketing, and operations across multiple industries and markets.


LivePerson, headquartered in New York City, USA, is a global leader in conversational AI and works with over 18,000 brands in all industries. Nearly one billion conversational interactions take place on its Conversational Cloud platform every month. The world’s leading brands trust LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud and have seen results across care and commerce use cases, including up to 20% increases in average order value and CSAT scores, up to 10x online sales conversions versus traditional websites, and 50% lower labor costs and agent attrition.

Kate Sterling, VP Regional Alliances APAC stated “We are thrilled to be working alongside Derventio Asia to realise the enormous interest and growth taking place around the power of conversational messaging. Together, we’re looking to fundamentally transform the way brands connect with customers through the creation of more personalised and scalable solutions via Derventio Asia’s strategic consultancy and LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud and AI capabilities”.

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