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Bumble data shows Singaporeans are more budget-conscious in dating amidst inflation

SINGAPORE — The rising cost of living isn’t just a concern for those paying bills and buying groceries, but also for Singaporean singles looking for love. Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, has announced the findings of its nationwide study into the impact of inflation on the dating lives of single Gen Z and Millennial Singaporeans. The survey discovered that affordable dates are the way forward for many, as dating behavior is impacted by the rising costs of living but about seven in 10 Singaporeans (69%) still want to date.

When faced with mounting financial pressures, Singaporeans are overall more budget-conscious and would prefer inexpensive date activities. Nearly three-quarters of Singaporean (72%) singles would prefer a free activity for their dates, and Singaporean women are more likely than men (79% vs. 65%) to pick a free activity.

In response to rising costs, almost three in five Singaporeans (58%) said they would split costs with their dates, while more than half (52%) would use a coupon or a voucher to subsidize the cost of a date.


Overall, the survey shows that Gen Zs are more likely than Millenials to pick a free activity. In particular, Gen Z men are more budget-conscious when compared to Millennial men, as they are more likely to pick a free activity (72% vs. 60%), split costs with their dates (66% vs. 50%), and offer to cook dinner so they do not have to go out on a date (50% vs. 39%). Among women, there are no distinct differences between Gen Z and Millenials in preferences on how they would budget for a date.

The survey also found Singaporeans tend to dine out as a first date activity, with go-to options being meeting over lunch or coffee at a cafe (42%) and having dinner at a restaurant (24%). However, these options are becoming increasingly more expensive, and less of an option for those in the dating game. According to official data, food inflation has been increasing month-on-month and hit 6.1% in July 2022.

Other survey findings include:

  • 78% of Singaporeans agree they consider their partners’ budget when suggesting a venue. Gen Z women are particularly conscious of their partners’ budget, with 83% agreeing with this statement and none disagreeing;
  • 70% of Singaporeans prefer low-key date locations;
  • Almost half of Singaporeans (49%) believe they should contribute more to the cost of a date if they are in a better financial situation than their partner;
  • About one in three Singaporeans (31%) believes the person who suggests an expensive restaurant should pick up the bill.

“With rising inflation, daters are now more budget-conscious, especially Gen Z who typically have less disposable income,” shared Bumble APAC Communications Director Lucille McCart. “We believe that dating on a budget can still be fun with the right amount of thought and creativity. How much fun you have getting to know your Bumble match is not determined by how much money you spend. Lower cost or free activities can sometimes be the most bonding and allow you to get to know each other even better than if you were at a high-end restaurant or bar.”

To help Singaporeans go on fun dates that are easier on the wallet, Bumble has partnered with 13 local businesses such as Holey Moley and Awfully Chocolate, under the Date Do What campaign, to provide exclusive discounts and packages curated specially for the Bumble community.

Daters will receive personalized date recommendations from the Date Generator and can simply make reservations on their partners’ booking portal using the exclusive Bumble promo codes provided. For experiences with no reservations needed, daters will only need to show a screenshot of the date generated at the prescribed venue.

Bumble’s Date Do What campaign will run until the end of September. The full list of participating vendors and their discounts can be found here.

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