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Dentsu Creative India shows what a smart washing machine really looks like with Panasonic Life Solutions

MUMBAI, INDIA — With the entire world switching to smarter technologies, it is time for the process of washing clothes to become smarter too. Keeping this in mind, creative agency DENTSU CREATIVE India, in association with Panasonic Life Solutions India, has released its latest campaign, “‘India’s Truly Smart Washing Machines.”

Panasonic Washing Machines, powered by Panasonic’s connected living platform Miraie, are packed with a host of interesting features such as a Built-in Heater, Wash Wizard, and Stain Genius, making the chore of washing clothes truly smart and effortless.

Conceptualized and executed by DENTSU CREATIVE India, the campaign is a series of short films that cleverly conveys the message to the world. The three-film campaign showcases Naveen – the protagonist – introducing Gupta Ji to a smarter way of washing clothes. The characters’ humorous banter illustrates the features of the washing machine in an entertaining and interesting way.

Ujjwal Anand, executive vice president, DENTSU CREATIVE

DENTSU CREATIVE India Executive Vice President Ujjwal Anand said, “Very few people are aware that Panasonic is a noteworthy name in the domain of Home Appliances and washing machines globally. Even fewer people know about the astonishing features of these washing machines. So, as the brand custodians, it was pertinent for us to convey it to the audience; and what better way than utilizing and leveraging the already established chemistry of Gupta Ji and Naveen for Panasonic? We made sure to take that love-envy relationship of these two next-door neighbors to the next level and deliver the core message in a fun and interesting way. The catchphrases and punches in the communication will surely intrigue the TG to know more about Panasonic Washing Machines.”

Mayank Khattar, executive creative director, DENTSU CREATIVE India

DENTSU CREATIVE India Executive Creative Director Mayank Khattar commented, “Smart is what smart does. Easily. And that is what we wanted our TG to understand in a quirky way. We wanted to raise awareness without sounding ‘too techy.’ Working on a simple insight that washing clothes need not be a mix of age-old hearsays, we decided to introduce the smart angle. Through the banter between Gupta Ji and Naveen, we have tried to make it easy for the TG to understand what is it that the latest technology and features deliver to the consumers. Also, the quirky performances by the protagonists not only deliver the message effectively but are sure to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.”

hirish Agarwal, head, brand & marketing communications, Panasonic Life Solutions India

Talking about the campaign, Panasonic Life Solutions India’s Head of Brand & Marketing Communications Shirish Agarwal added, “Panasonic as a brand is committed to helping consumers live their best by aiding them with the right choices customized as per their lifestyle. The digital campaign is an extension of this. It depicts the true, slice-of-life moments of an Indian household, on how we struggle to remove stubborn stains using various home remedies. It goes on to highlight how technology can be the key enabler for clean and fresh laundry. Panasonic’s latest range of smart washing machines is designed with advanced technologies that offer a value proposition of comfort, convenience, and connectivity.”


Watch the three-part campaign below: 

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