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Entravision MediaDonuts shares growing figures in 2022 as it gears up for a strong 2023

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Entravision MediaDonuts, an advertising, media, commerce, and ad-tech solutions company with world-class commercial partnerships with Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Criteo, and other tech platforms in Asia Pacific, is gearing up to fast-track growth and expansion in 2023.

Speaking during a media gathering at Shangri-la The Fort, Entravision MediaDonuts CEO Pieter-Jan de Kroon said that the company continues its strong growth trajectory and expansion in the region, which has only accelerated further since the acquisition by Entravision in July 2021.

“2022 is shaping up to be a stellar year for our company, and the Philippines plays an important role in this growth story,” Pieter-Jan stated.


The Philippines is a dynamic and high-growth economy – and the growth rate of the advertising industry, especially digital, is proof of that. A study by eMarketer in March 2022 projects digital ad spend in the Philippines to total USD 585.7 by end of the year. The amount is expected to rise to USD 631.9 in 2023, representing an almost 8% increase year-on-year.

Pieter-Jan aaded, “The Philippines continues to be one of the markets driving marketing spend and growth in the region. Filipino advertisers are always open to learning new advertising platforms for that competitive advantage, and that has contributed significantly to this growth.”

Entravision MediaDonuts is firmly founded on three pillars

The Entravision MediaDonuts business is built on three main pillars: Social Media, Retail Media, and Performance Marketing.

Social Media continues to command the majority of time spent online by users, and therefore also the majority of investment by advertisers. Entravision MediaDonuts is uniquely positioned as the Exclusive Sales Partner of Twitter in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as the TikTok Marketing Partner in SEA. Through geographical expansion, new partnerships, and social commerce capabilities, Entravision MediaDonuts’ expertise can help customers drive success on social media platforms.

Retail Media is expected to grow to a USD 160-billion industry by 2027. Through exclusive partnerships with Criteo, the largest commerce media platform for the open internet; Carousell Media Group, the top ecommerce marketing platform in Greater Southeast Asia; and ShopBack, the leading shopping, and rewards platform in Asia-Pacific, Entravision MediaDonuts is uniquely positioned to help its clients build sophisticated retail media strategies that drive GMV growth.

Performance marketing remains a major component in the business, and it has evolved towards a mobile app performance business in APAC, driving app installs at scale for fintech, ecommerce, edutech, and gaming apps optimized towards lower-funnel goals such as account opening, sales, and in-game purchases.

“We’re seeing strong demand from advertisers to drive online sales both through marketplaces as well as direct-to-consumer,” Pieter-Jan expressed. “With our Social Commerce capabilities as well as Retail Media solutions, we’re well positioned to help advertisers ride this new wave in digital advertising that is designed to drive actual business outcomes for brands.”

On top of being awarded several high-profile contracts, Entravision MediaDonuts’ operations also expanded in 2022 to include Bangladesh and Cambodia, in addition to its current markets in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

“We’re very excited to expand into new markets and are very bullish on our prospects in Cambodia and Bangladesh. In 2023, we will continue our geographical expansion with new openings in APAC,” he concluded.

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