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ICYMI: California Pizza Kitchen unveils its new set of menu on their 20th year anniversary in the country

As CPK Philippines celebrates its’ 20th year in the country, be prepared to have your taste buds wowed by New & Unique flavor combinations!  

At the same time, take a trip down memory lane with them as they re-introduce their most popular pizzas of the past 20 years that some of you actually grew up with!  “California Pizza Kitchen has distinguished itself as a pizza authority the world over fashioning out a creative niche of California style artisanal pizzas in much the same way as New York and Chicago established their own distinct pizza identities in their own boroughs.  California is considered a melting pot of different cultures around the world ranging from Asian to Latin American, African, and European. These creative cultural influences combined with the laid back California vibe and effortless California cool bring about the best environment that cultivates the spirit of California culinary creativity.  And this year is extra special because in celebration of our 20th year anniversary in the Philippines, we are not only introducing NEW California style dishes, we are likewise re-introducing the most popular pizzas of the past 20 years.” said Bob Vallar, Marketing Manager of CPK Philippines. 

New Adventures


Among their NEW pizza creations, are the Spicy Chorizo Pizza: a CPK US recipe of Spanish Chorizo, chili pepper sauce, cheese, roasted bell peppers, onions, and fresh avocado slices.  For seafood lovers, there is their NEW White Clam Pizza with clams, Mozzarella cheese, onions, extra virgin olive oil and select spices. Their NEW Chicken Fajita Pizza brings a bit of that Latin heat with Mexican spiced chicken, cilantro pesto, scallions, and mixed cheeses & spices.  For Vegetarians, there are 2 NEW meat free options: the NEW Tricolore crispy thin crust pizza with mixed greens & diced tomatoes topped with shaved Parmesan cheese and their NEW Tropicale Quorn Regular Hand-Tossed Pizza of Quorn chunks, grilled pineapple, Mozzarella & Parmesan cheeses, and yellow onions with cilantro on Coconut Cream sauce drizzled with a Carribean sauce.  (Quorn is a meat free, low-calorie mycoprotein from the mushroom family which is low in fat, high in protein, and high in fiber.)

As for their new pasta offerings, there is the NEW Chicken Tequila Fettucine with chicken chunks, bell peppers, fettucine pasta, cilantro, and lime juice in a Cuervo Gold Tequila cream sauce and the NEW Cajun spiced Jambalaya Pasta with chicken, smoked sausage, blackened shrimp, linguini pasta, & scallions in a Jambalaya sauce.     

And what is a CPK meal without a salad?  Get fresh with their NEW California Harvest Salad, a CPK US recipe of baby Kale, Napa Cabbage, carrots, & steamed Farrow seeds mixed with red seedless grapes, strawberries, watermelon cubes, and almonds in your choice of Citrus or Blueberry Vinaigrette. Or, go for gold with their NEW Golden Pear Salad with fresh arugula, celery, parsley, candied walnuts, & cheddar cheese in a lime olive oil dressing.
Buoyed by the extremely positive reception of introducing all NEW California inspired Rice Entrees for the very 1st time in the country last year, they are upping the ante by adding 3 All NEW Rice Entrees: the NEW Thai Calamari Rice with roasted peanuts, pineapple, chili peppers, scallions, & Japanese Furikake in a Sweet Thai chili sauce; the NEW Salisbury Steak Rice with a juicy Wagyu beef patty, caramelized onions, & a sunny side up egg in a demi-glaze sauce; and the NEW Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp Rice with garlic, mushrooms, carrots, ginger, bell peppers, roasted peanuts, & cilantro in a coconut curry sauce.      

As NEW Adventures are often best capped off with sweet endings, they have two All NEW Desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings: the NEW Banoffee Pie with bananas, coffee powder, cream, caramel syrup, & candied walnuts on a Graham cracker crust; and the NEW Nutella Cheesecake with Hazelnut chocolate, cream cheese, chocolate syrup, & whipped cream on a Graham cracker crust.  

Old Favorites

Since we at CPK Philippines are also celebrating our 20th year in the country, we thought this would be the perfect time to stroll down Pizza Memory lane.  Which is why our pizza favorites over the past 20 years will be making a grand re-appearance on our NEW Menu. Because it’s about time you stopped missing them and started enjoying them again!

Our Roast Duck Pizza, which 1st made a splash in our restaurants back in 1998, is finally back on our menu by insistent popular demand!  So you can stop dreaming about and start feasting on our signature pizza of marinated duck breast, soy glazed shitake mushrooms, Mozzarella cheese, crispy fried wonton strips, scallions, and Hoisin Sauce.

Our Tuna Melt Pizza of tuna salad, mixed cheeses, tomatoes, & onions, had some pretty avid followers soon after its launch in 1998 as well.  So much so that when it was momentarily removed from our menu some time back, they were pretty vocal about demanding its reinstatement! Well, this ones’ for you guys!

Our Wild Mushroom Pizza of sautéed wild mushrooms, mixed cheeses, fresh parsley, & mushroom pesto sauce was a smash hit with our vegetarian customers when it was 1st introduced in the year 2000.  With more and more people deciding to eat healthier nowadays, it is a most opportune time for this premium pizza to make its’ comeback!
Our Cheeseburger Pizza was a novel idea when we 1st introduced it back in the year 2000.  The whole idea was simple yet revolutionary with the cheeseburger ingredients of ground angus beef, crispy bacon, mixed cheeses, caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce, & secret sauce converted into pizza toppings with our regular hand tossed pizza dough replacing the burger buns.  But of course, our Cheeseburger Pizza comes with the unique California twist of adding fresh sliced avocadoes on top. 😉

Our Mango Tandoori Pizza of Indian spiced chicken chunks with Mozzarella cheese, onions, ripe mango chunks, curry sauce, & red peppers enjoyed a bit of a cult following when it was introduced locally in 1998.  This was a pizza that, admittedly, was ahead of its time. With more restaurant patrons now demanding novel, unique, & aggressive flavor combinations, the stage has been set for this pizza’s modern day remake! (How very much like Hollywood – or is it Bollywood? 😉 )

For pizza purists, our Rustica Crispy Thin Crust Pizza of Pepperoni, fresh Mozzarella cheese, Neapolitan Pizza sauce, olives, capers, chili flakes, & Parmesan cheese was the bomb when it was 1st launched in the Philippines in 1998.  It hearkened back to classic Italian & Sicilian Pizzas of yore that exemplified simplicity and an expertly blended amalgam of flavors. Now that it’s finally back, we firmly believe its’ local fans will fondly bid us: “Gracie!”

For more information on their NEW Menu, watch out for the grand relaunch of their website, follow them on Facebook & Instagram @cpkphilippines, or visit any of their following branches: 2nd level Alabang Town Center; Ground Level W Global Center Bonifacio Global City, Taguig; Basement Level Century City Mall; and at the 2nd level Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing.

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