The Filipino cuisine boasts of a wide range of delectable dishes that everyone loves, which includes the famous Sisig that the world is taking notice. The late famed food critic Anthony Bourdain and American culinary expert Andrew Zimmern were just among the highly respected international food experts who have recently spoken a great deal about the favorite Filipino pulutan, and its potential in pushing the Filipino food in the global dining scene.

Sisig is popularly known as a simple dish made of pig face with garlic, onions and liver, sprinkled with sliced chili and cut with calamansi. Throughout the years, and as seen in different regions in the country, the original recipe. Has evolved in many ways – from the variety of proteins that can be used to make it, the way it is prepared, and by way it is served to diners. Despite the many variations, though, this dish is celebrated for its distinct texture and flavorful taste that appeals to the palates of many diners both in the local and international food scene

Knorr Certified Sisig Master Program

Recognizing the many kinds of sisig recipes available across the country because of talented chefs and cooks who continue to innovate classic dishes for a more forward food experience, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Philippines – the maker of Knorr, the preferred liquid seasoning of chefs for 40 years – together with LTB Philippines Chef Association and Zomato, launched an initiative dubbed the “Certified Knorr Sisig Masters” certification program.

Inspired by the prestigious Michelin Star status, the Certified Knorr Sisig Masters certification program awarded exclusive Knorr Sisig Master stars to chefs who took on the challenge of innovating the classic Sisig dish into a more flavorful flair using Knorr Liquid Seasoning. The certification level ranged from one to three stars, depending on the level of challenges the dishes were put into.

“We at UFS celebrate food innovation as it brings out, first, the best abilities of talented chefs to create extraordinary flavors, and second, the potential of classic recipes to blossom into an even greater gastronomic experience,” said James Benedict Carreon, Managing Director of UFS Philippines. “This is why we are happy to also partner with like-minded organizations such as LTB Philippines Chef Association and Zomato to recognize and give our seal of approval to the best sisig innovations across the country.”

Carreon also noted Sisig as the perfect dish to showcase what food innovation can do, and how Knorr Liquid Seasoning can help chefs to push their Sisig recipes further. “The Sisig dish presents a unique flexibility on texture and taste of the dish presents a unique flexibility on texture and taste that chefs and cooks can play around with; and by using Knorr Liquid Seasoning, they can elevate the taste of the dish at every stage preparation – from marinating, seasoning, or top up – because of its distinct, well-rounded flavor.”

Since the certification program was launched this year, around 262 number of chefs who presented their Sisig innovation recipes have been given Sisig Master stars of different levels.

The Knorr Sisig Masters Finale

Following many months of rigorous process to attain a 3-star certification, then top Filipino chefs and cooks from across the country gathered together at Enderun Tent on November 13, 2018 for a grand cook-off to hail the first ever ultimate Knorr Sisig Master.

The three-star rated Sisig Master recipes that were pitted with each other featured different ways the sisig recipe was created. There were sisig dishes made out of tofu, infused in carbonara, or tucked in between taco shells to give diners a unique kind of taco offering, flavored with an extensive variety of vegetables, seafood, chicken, beef, pork and even salted egg powder, or prepared innovatively in quesadilla or pizza form.

The entries were judged according to taste, correct preparation of the dish, food safety and hygiene, creativity with the innovation, and the use of Knorr Liquid Seasoning. The Knorr Sisig Master Grand Winner took home P100,000 along with the distinction of having the best Sisig innovation certified by Knorr, LTB Philippines, and Zomato.

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Name of Chef

Name of Dish

Eduardo Villarmia Jr.

SOPA (Sisig Oh, Salad Pa)

Lendon Q. Salon

Sisig Quesadilla

Elena I. Allanegui

Tuna Sisig with Salted Egg

Ruby A. Dela Cruz

Squabama Sisig

John Anthony Armedi

Zab’s Pizza Thin Crust

Beatrice V. De Guia

Lechon Sisig

Nur Ershad Misuari

Pork Sisig Dynamite

Paul Allan Cruz



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