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IDOOH and Grab Philippines partner to bring the nation’s largest in-vehicle entertainment screen network

IDOOH International has partnered with GrabAds, Grab’s online-to-offline (O2O) advertising platform, to deploy in-vehicle media screens in GrabCars in the Philippines.

The partnership aims to provide passengers and drivers with an enhanced and more rewarding commute experience, and brands with a comprehensive out-of-home (OOH) branding platform.  

The fully interactive 10-inch IDOOH display tablets will be integrated into selected GrabCar vehicles, providing passengers with an array of high-quality lifestyle, news, and entertainment as well as e-commerce function while in transit.  Grab drivers can look forward to an additional revenue source of monthly incentives and rewards, awarded based on the number of trips completed and duration of screen activation. 


As an everyday app, the partnership is part of a broader strategy to provide opportunities for brands to reach Grab’s passengers through integrated online-to-offline branding solutions spanning in-app, in-car and mobile billboards, offered by IDOOH and GrabAds.  

IDOOH Group CEO Mark Forsyth said: “As the largest in-vehicle screen player in the Philippines, we are thrilled to combine forces with Grab, the largest offline-to-online (O2O) mobile platform in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, to transform the in-vehicle experience through disruptive media technology. Beyond the commute experience, this partnership opens up a rideshare business ecosystem that will serve as a window for collaboration across other ridesharing services like advertising, delivery, and fulfilment of e-commerce transactions on the move.”

Steven Martin Luchangco, head of Grab for Business in the Philippines said: “As an everyday app, we always look for ways to improve the experience of both passengers and drivers. Thanks to our partnership with IDOOH, passengers will be able to discover, engage with, and receive deals from quality brands. At the same time, it allows our drivers to have additional sources of income. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with IDOOH to create meaningful customer engagement for brands that lets them have the edge over their competitors and reach their audience.

To create a customised in-vehicle experience, IDOOH uses proprietary in-vehicle technologies like geo-fencing and day-parting to juxtapose the offered content against specific factors such as vehicle speed, location, weather and traffic conditions. This presents passengers with a new OOH entertainment experience and brands with a new digital platform to engage with their audiences. IDOOH is also testing technologies like presence and facial recognition and augmented reality to provide an even more personalised in-vehicle experience in future. 


As Asia Pacific’s largest in-vehicle screen network, IDOOH has an inventory of 14,000 screens spanning across diverse platforms including ride-sharing cars and taxis. In November 2018, IDOOH screens have clocked 95 million kilometres of drive time and over 3.6 million hours of video content across the region, presenting an immense opportunity for one-on-one consumer engagement. The screens use proprietary in-vehicle screen technology to bring relevant content to passengers and big data analytics to gain campaign, fleet and consumer insights.


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