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New Business: Dentsu and partners to test collaborative NFT approach for environmental DAO

TOKYO, JAPAN — Japanese international advertising and public relations joint stock company Dentsu Group Inc. will conduct an experimental implementation of a co-creation incentivization program with Dentsu International Americas, Sivira, Sony, and Fireplace within the cyclical resource community initiative “Tsunaga-Loop” which is formed by Kawasaki citizen volunteers.

Dentsu Group Inc. and its partner entities will be responsible for the digitization and credential management of each individual volunteer’s ecological contribution using Web3.0 technology, to demonstrate the effectiveness of “NFT-driven collective creative” in driving collaborative eco-activities and co-creation within the community through this experimental operation.

Dentsu Group is designing an incentivization program for community operation utilizing NFTs named the “NFT-driven collective creative” approach. This experiment will be the world’s first effort to investigate the effectiveness of this approach, viewing the citizen community engaged in ecological activities as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization, that possesses a high affinity for Web 3.0 technologies.)


In the experiment, each volunteer will receive a piece of a puzzle-type NFT through their individual eco-activity each day, which will be put together to complete the puzzle NFT as a group. Each NFT piece represents 20 kg. (44 lbs.) reduction of raw garbage and a completed NFT will be a certificate of 180 kg. (397 lbs.) waste reduction as well as one large art piece completed by the community’s collective effort. This eco-contribution art NFT will be put into an auction, and the final bid amount will be distributed to the community members according to their contribution. The experiment is planned to be held from June 2022 to the end of the year.

In terms of the technology enabling the use of NFTs for this experiment, Sivira’s contract wallet system “unWallet,” whose technical effectiveness has been verified in media artist Yoichi Ochiai’s summer school program “Table Unstable,” and Sony’s hardware wallet which enables easy digital signature for the NFT authentication via an IC card, will be used. IC card readers will be installed in participating Fireplace stores “Rock Hills Garden” in Kawasaki city, and exclusive events for community members who have acquired NFT pieces are planned to be held periodically. Further, the project group is recruiting businesses to participate in the DAO as incentive providers so that the community members can receive and use perks outside of Kawasaki according to their ecological contribution.

“Tsunaga-Loop” is a community initiative in Kawasaki where residents, farms, and businesses work together to realize a food resource circular society using household compost to produce food. In these types of ecological activities that are typically run by volunteers and not by any specific entity, the contribution of individuals is not quantified and thus far has been unsuccessful in bringing economic returns to the contributors, resulting in a limitation in scale and continuity of such activities. In this experiment, we are attempting to foster comradery between community members and an opportunity to gain financial rewards through their eco-activities to complete the puzzle NFT and auctioning it as an artwork. We will investigate the requirements to realize a sustainable environmental DAO as well as the effectiveness of the “NFT-driven collective creative” approach.

This “NFT-driven collective creative” is an unprecedented approach – each person’s efforts are made visible, a sense of celebration is heightened through the process of creating a work of art together, and the power of the community is harnessed to solve problems.

Dentsu Group, Sivira, and Sony will continue to investigate the feasibility of commercializing this incentivization program. By providing a digital identity to the achievements of activities that contribute to solving environmental issues, we aim to realize a society in which individuals become more proactive in their daily eco-activities, where community building and a variety of sponsoring opportunities for businesses can be further cultivated.

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