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Non-Fruit Consumer Amy endorses Innocent in new McCann Shanghai campaign

SHANGHAI, CHINA — Modern consumers are very picky with their fruit, however, it’s rare to see people choose juice with the same degree of care. Given this, healthy drinks brand Innocent wanted to start a conversation with consumers about quality consciousness regarding their juice beverage choice and encourage them to be more discerning, in an “innocent” way.

As the creative partner of the brand, creative agency McCann Shanghai took an alternative approach to interpret the core concept of being “picky,” using a real “non-fruit consumer” to be the juice quality inspector for a new product which is innocent pineapple juice.


The campaign began with a fun conversation between innocent and a “non-fruit consumer.” When innocent published a social media statement saying that nobody would be able to reject its natural pure juice, a girl named Amy came forward to challenge the brand. She described herself as a “non-fruit consumer” who would never willingly consume fruit or fruit-based products.

So passionate is her hatred of fruit, that she even detours around nearby fruit to avoid smelling it! innocent, therefore, decided that since Amy is so sensitive, she is obviously the best person to inspect the quality and purity of juice products and crowned her their chief juice quality inspector.

NFC, short for “Not From Concentrate,” indicates a quality standard for the juice industry. However, these initials also stand for Non-Fruit Consumers in this campaign.

“innocent is a witty and quirky brand and its essence should be interpreted in an equally distinctive way to make a positive impression on consumers,” remarked McCann Worldgroup China CCO Yinbo Ma.

After finding the right person to pick the best juice for the drinkers, innocent rode the momentum and launched the “Nitpickers’ juice store” in downtown Shanghai to gather picky juice drinkers and “celebrate” the attitude of “pickiness,” championing the product in a playful and engaging manner.

The store turned out to be a hot spot in town. Juice lovers visited in droves, and “non-fruit consumers” were also taken good care of. A starting line in front of the shop alerted pedestrians who are not fruit eaters to speed up and pass by the shop as quickly as possible. There was even signage featuring a warning from Amy: NFC. Keep your distance!

“Without the client’s trust and support, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver such a bold creative campaign. We believe that this communication will bring top-of-mind awareness of innocent products to people when they think of juices. And more importantly, consumers can resonate with the unique personality and humor of the innocent brand,” said Yinbo.

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