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PLDT High Speed Hitters share personal stories about mental health on Better Today’s Power Move Project

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — PLDT High Speed Hitters middle blockers Mika Reyes and Jessey De Leon arrived at the gym in their practice uniform, smiling and energetic despite the midday heat to sit down for a conversation on mental health and sports for #BetterToday’s Power Move Project.

To help advance PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart)’s advocacy to uplift and improve the overall digital wellness of Filipinos, the two middle blockers candidly revealed how they deal with the effects of social media in their lives.

“Social media comes with both positivity and negativity. I just keep in mind that I can’t control what others think. I can’t please everybody. It’s essential to remind yourself that the people who are actually important to you are the ones whose opinions matter,” Jessey said.


Mika agreed. “Ignore the noise, do not engage with bashers, and conserve your energy.”

These volleyball stars each have a huge following on almost all social media platforms, which they use to bond with teammates and keep in touch with fans all year round.

“As public figures, we try to maximize our influence, especially through social media, hoping that maybe we can uplift others in one way or another,” said Mika.

Jessey also shared how she uses her experiences to inspire people, especially those who are going through mental issues. “We’re vocal about mental health because I’ve also gone through a dark phase before. I use those challenges to remind other people that they are not alone.”

For those going through hard times, the two young athletes underscored the importance of not giving up.

“I am better today because of everything that I’ve been through. Nothing is ever easy, and it’s important that no matter what trial you face, you won’t give up, you just keep working hard on doing what you love and loving what you do,” said Jessey.

“I’m better today because I have not succumbed to the problems that life has thrown at me,” Mika added. “It’s okay to feel tired and to take a break. Just make sure that you will bounce back stronger.”

The volleyball pros also emphasized the importance of being kind to oneself. “We have a mindset that we should not stop, but sometimes, we really need to pause, recharge, or recalibrate. Make sure that you are whole before you give yourself to others,” Jessey said, to which Mika quipped, “Nakaka-relate?” ending the conversation with a high five between the two.

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