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Prudential Thailand’s year-end health review asks: how well do you know your family members’ health?

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Prudential Thailand’s latest campaign asks one question: How well do you know your family members’ health? Conceptualized and developed by creative and media agency VaynerMedia Thailand, Prudential Thailand’s #YearEndHealthReview campaign embarks on a social experiment to make health checkups the year-end routine by triggering health conversations among family members.

“We are using our #YearEndHealthReview Campaign to encourage Thai people to have regular health checkups and promote health conversations through our collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Health Bloggers. According to recent survey results, the majority of Thais are adopting healthier lifestyles and becoming more health-conscious as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a promising sign overall because good health allows us to enjoy life to the fullest and helps us better take care of our family and loved ones. Prudential is dedicated to helping all Thai people get the most out of life, by providing a variety of insurance plans that are accessible, affordable, and inclusive,” said Prudential Thailand CEO Robin Spencer.


Health reviews and checkups are often undertakings that individuals do on their own, seldom involving their families in the process or results. While an important topic that should be discussed openly and candidly with loved ones, one’s wellness is often a sensitive topic to engage families in conversations about – or even overlooked – because they have an emotional involvement in your life.

Prudential Thailand, the insurance company that has protected Thai people since 1996, wanted to dissolve the invisible walls that surround health issues – propelling people to catapult such conversations so they can take care of themselves and their families better.

In collaboration with VaynerMedia Thailand, Prudential Thailand’s #YearEndHealthReview calls not on doctors to conduct health reviews, but on everyday people to do so for their families – challenging them to review their family member’s health based on their daily lifestyles and habits.

To kickstart the campaign, actual family duos were cast in an interview-style documentary video, where father-daughter and mother-son pairs were asked to fill up a health questionnaire on the other party’s behalf, and then subsequently undergo individual health checks. After, they were separately interviewed on what they thought the other’s results would be, and finally shared their reports with each other.

#YearEndHealthReview encourages and ignites powerful conversations around family members’ health and lifestyles, and more importantly, how year-end health reviews are crucial for them to live their lives to the fullest – together.

“If you think about it, the people who take care of your family’s health the best are your own family members – doctors and insurance surround that core care. We are proud to partner with Prudential to help create a brand new year-end health routine for every Thai family, encouraging them to have open conversations about one another’s health, check in and care for one another’s health together,” said VaynerMedia Thailand Head of Creative Pitha Udomkanjananan.

The entire campaign rolled out on November 03, where over 20 influencers joined the conversation by similarly reviewing their family member’s health on their social platforms.

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