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Unit 406 drops ‘Mahal Mo Pa Rin Ako,’ exploring what happens when things get too real in love

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Filipino pop/alternative rock band Unit 406 is all about telling real stories. Their latest single, “Mahal Mo Pa Rin Ako,” released under Republic Records Philippines, wraps up a series of songs about what happens in a relationship when things become “real.” The other songs in this series include “Hulaan,” “Kung Ang Puso,” and “Sa Kabila ng Lahat.”

Composer and lyricist Gabriel Tagadtad said, “I intended the songs [in that series] to represent different stages of [the] emotional rollercoaster of being in a relationship once it gets real, once the people in it get to know each other’s flaws and differences, once the relationship gets tested.” He added that this is a story that can connect with people because, for those who have gone through it, “it is the one life-changing story of our lives.”


Gabriel shared that he has been writing songs inspired by the likes of My Chemical Romance, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf’s longtime creative collaborator Jim Steinman could well agree with Gabriel that “anthemic songs with poetic writing concepts [are] my jam,” and it shows in Unit 406’s latest releases. That level of emotional intensity which resonates with listeners enables the stories to come alive, allowing them to connect with what the band is doing musically.

In fact, Unit 406 said that one reason someone might want to listen to “Mahal Mo Pa Rin Ako” is that “chances are, you might be going through what this song is talking about.” And if this new single, which is now out on all music streaming platforms, helps a listener make sense of their love story, chances are that they might get to appreciate what else this band plans to do in the future.

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