Technology: Boost your creativity and productivity with the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Professional creatives are brimming with ideas and they turn these ideas into reality. But to create something out of nothing, creatives need an instrument to help them out — a device that will make their wildest ideas come to life and ensure peak productivity at all times.

Because of the creative process, an ordinary laptop simply won’t do. While it can probably do its job, it can be taxing on the digital creative if their laptop lacks the powerful hardware needed to render and process the projects they are working on.

With the wrong device: a videographer can’t breeze through their video-editing tasks because rendering takes a while; a photographer can’t efficiently edit their photos because the software they use needs appropriate hardware; a graphic designer can’t accurately depict what they’re creating because of poor-quality screens; musicians can’t produce the sound they’re aiming for because subpar laptop audio.


With the wrong device, digital creatives will encounter issues that will make it harder for them to do their jobs, and the frustration of having to work with substandard devices can become a distraction in the execution of their projects.

This is why choosing personal computers shouldn’t be taken lightly. While there are many powerful computers out there, not all of them are designed with the digital creative in mind.

For the All-Around Creative

Digital creatives need a device that’s specifically crafted for their activities, and the Asus Zenbook Duo series promises just that. Dubbed as the laptop of tomorrow, the Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED gives users the ultimate edge in workflow efficiency, and the latest addition to their line takes everything a step further. With the 11th Gen Intel Core i9 and NVDIA GeForce RXT 3080 upgrade, the Zenbook Pro Duo is faster when rendering output and better at producing professional-quality output.

Renzo Grijaldo, adobo magazine’s creative strategist, tested out the coveted laptop unit. “It has a much faster processor and that’s like the main requirement for every artist out there. For graphic designers, videographers, animators, and music producers. Having a fast processor makes your life 100 percent much better.”

The laptop’s 4K OLED Display also contributes to the production process. Because of its vivid and Pantone Validated display, creatives can easily immerse themselves in what they’re working on and be sure that the colors are accurate both on the screen and on printed content. The vividness of the colors can be enjoyed not only on the main display but also on the ScreenPad Plus. Creatives usually rely on an additional monitor to be able to work but the Zenbook already has an extra display so users can run multiple apps at the same time. It’s also positioned in a way that makes the two displays seamless — from using it as an extension of the main screen to utilizing it for editing and live streaming.

Why is OLED recommended for Creatives?

  • Pantone Validated – standardizes color to ensure consistent hues
  • 100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut – allow you to enjoy the extra colors HDR content can possess. Additionally, DCI-P3 can use 10-bit color compared to sRGB’s 8-bit
  • 1,000,000 : 1 contrast ratio: Users are able to distinguish more shades of black and gray in dark scenes
  • OLED low blue light does not compromise color accuracy, compared to orange or red blue light filter
  • OLED colors remain accurate across all brightness levels, compared to LCD
  • Users are able to distinguish more shades of black and gray in dark scenes
  • OLED low blue light does not compromise color accuracy, compared to orange or red blue light filter
  • Comes with ASUS OLED Care – to prevent OLED burn in issue
  • Safer for the eyes even for long hours of use (For projects that require more than 8 hours of editing)

Learn more about ASUS OLED laptop benefits:

“I think the Zenbook is the perfect tool for someone who’s a multidisciplinary artist because it helps you explore the different facets of your creativity,” Renzo shared.

As a multidisciplinary artist who dabbles in music, Renzo was able to use the Zenbook in more ways than one. “You can do visuals, record music, edit videos, and even mix audio. It’s really the best investment for someone who has multiple focuses because it caters to all aspects of an art form.”

And since this is a laptop for digital creatives, there’s an Adobe Control Center feature that makes it possible to customize controls for Adobe applications. This also comes with a free three-month Adobe Creative Cloud membership. For more details, click here:

A Mobile Workstation for the Creative On The Go

Because the global pandemic has accelerated the transition to a remote work setup, mobile workstations are needed more than ever. If creatives were stuck to their desks all day long before, now they can choose to work wherever they want.

Because of this change, it’s better to own a personal computer that is not only capable of doing heavy tasks but is also portable enough to be used wherever. The Zenbook Pro Duo is exactly that because its dual-screen makes multitasking possible. And having undergone the MIL-STD 810H military standard testing, the laptop is durable enough to be used in harsh environments.

Aside from digital nomads, this is perfect for creatives who are required to work on the spot. When photographers and videographers need to do same-day edits for events, they can use the Zenbook instead. The design is sleek and ergonomic and has an anti-glare screen so that it can be used as-is no matter the surroundings. While it has a bit of heft, this model of Zenbook is lighter than its predecessors.

“It’s made in a way that’s super portable — perfect for traveling and being on the road,” Renzo said. “Since it’s of military standard quality, I’m confident enough that it would stand the challenges of the outdoor setting.”

The Zenbook Pro Duo is the ideal laptop for all kinds of creatives. Because of its features, this laptop is perfect for the multitasking professional: for content creators in need of a variety of software to be able to produce their content; videographers in need of a faster processor to attain shorter rendering times; photographers in need of a responsive photo editing experience; graphic designers in need of precision in their editing apps; and musicians in need of a music studio that can travel with them.

For graphic designers, videographers, animators, and music producers, having a fast processor makes your life 100 percent much better.

“It doesn’t limit me to anything,” said Renzo, adobo magazine’s Creative Strategist. “I can literally do whatever I want.”

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