Creativity can change the world it’s been said time and again by creative luminaries the world over. And in this Creative Economy issue, Angel and her team have compiled a list of campaigns for review that have celebrated positive change.

Please bear with me as I share my thoughts. (I’m told that these pieces have all won big previously, so this should be interesting.)

As a creative, I believe the best advertising persuades people to share what’s valuable to them – time – to listen to a message. Perhaps even act on it, if the message is compelling.

The more persuasive, the more provocative the manner it’s told; the stronger the persuasion. Essentially if it makes one feel, I reckon the job’s done. So that’s my lens, now let’s look at the work:

Today at Apple

Category: Brand Experience & Activation
Client: Apple

Like millions of others, I love the brand and obviously can only imagine the kind of environment they must foster to be the company they are. But sadly that’s all this piece does; it tells me how cool and fun it must be to work there. It doesn’t change my perception or give me something to new get excited about. So no it didn’t move me. An amazing piece for HR at best.


Category: Film Craft
Agency: Blur Films, Rushmore
Client: Red Cross

As a creative, we’re constantly exposed to film. Lots. Of. Film. Which is why it takes quite a lot for a spot to give you goosebumps. This one more than accomplished that. It kept me rooted throughout (and rooting for the man and his kid). It left me devastated. It made me feel loads. It made me want to do something to help the cause. Great job.

JFK Unsilenced

Category: Creative Data
Agency: Rothco, Accenture Interactive, Screen Scene, CereProc
Client: The Times

This audio technique – of using past leaders voices pieced together – has been used quite a bit. Not sure when this particular campaign was done but I found myself scrubbing through it quite a bit; hoping to find a nugget as to why this particular time there was a poignant reason. The hook being it was the speech he would have made if he survived that fateful day. I was intrigued because JFK said many things during the course of his presidency. Words that have transcended the years, inspiring many. Admittedly, I didn’t find it in this particular piece. Although I did watch it till the end – so job done. It got me to share my time.


Category: Entertainment
Agency: N=5 Amsterdam, Pupkin Film, Superhero Cheesecake, Maak, Mindshare, A Bigger Circle, Hill + Knowlton Strategies, Ambassadors, Soundcircus, Orange
Client: KBN

Like the JFK piece in that, again, it’s a technique used before. Obviously the 45s is a teaser/prelude to the actual individual films. Applaud the production quality, casting although I didn’t get the ‘feels’ I thought commensurate with the topic.

Blink to Speak

Category: Lions Health Grand Prix for Good
Agency: TBWA\India
Client: Asha Ek Hope Foundation/NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute

As far as creativity for positivity, this ticks all the boxes. I’ve seen this done before in judging for the various afflictions like loss of sight, autism, etc. Always inspiring to know there are organisations out there like this. But as far as advertising, not fresh as we say in the business,

Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks

Category: Creative Effectiveness
Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai
Client: ITC

Have seen this campaign several times across various award show judging as well. Yet I continue to be in awe of it. Fantastic idea! But more importantly, contextually, it’s brilliant. Quite possibly the epitome of the power of creativity and the definitive campaign for this issue!

Aeronaut Music Experience

Category: Digital Craft
Agency: Isobar U.S., Viacom
Client: Billy Corgan

Music videos have long been a hotbed for experimental techniques, this doesn’t disappoint. Visually stunning, this piece made me go ‘wow. I suppose my only dilemma is, like the Apple campaign earlier, what’s the relevance on how it contributes to the creative economy assuming that definition means socially contribute. This piece intrigued me but didn’t move me. Stunning nevertheless.

About the reviewer:
Chris Chiu is the Group Chief Creative Officer of the DDB Group Singapore and a member of the DDB Global Creative Council. He currently also serves as the Head of the DDB Asia Creative Council.

Over the last 26 years, he’s won numerous awards most notably Golds at Cannes, One Show, Golden Drum, Effies and Spikes Asia-Pacific as well as the Grand Prix at AdFest and the Singapore Creative Circle Awards. He’s been privileged to have sat on many juries including Cannes (2008, 2012, 2015 & 2017), Spikes Asia (2010, 2013, 2018), Adfest Jury President (2016) as well as Chairman of  the Singapore Creative Circle Awards in 2010 to mention a few. More recently in 2018, he judged the Tambuli Awards in Manila.

In 2006, he was a finalist at the Young Film Directors competition at Cannes organized by SHOTS and the Commercial Film Producers – Europe and voted Creative Director of the Year at the 2009 Singapore Hall of Fame Awards. In 2011, Campaign Asia listed him as one of the top 30 Creative Directors in Asia-Pacific.