Award-winning digital marketing course developed with Google-Squared Online kicks off with its largest ever intake from the Philippines

MANILA – The first day of class for Squared Online students across the Philippines happened on October 30, with students beginning the first steps towards a certification in digital marketing developed with Google. Squared Online is a digital marketing qualification developed with Google, targeted at marketers from all disciplines to develop the skills and know-how they need to excel in today’s digital landscape. Ambitious marketing managers, bright young grads and seasoned professionals alike are all part of the student roster. Built by the best practitioners and delivered entirely online, Squared Online pioneers a new movement in career learning.

The course first launched in the UK in 2013 with huge success. October 30 was the kick off session for Squared Online in the Philippines, with courses starting on November 6.

Students come from various agencies in the region including GroupM, Publicis, IPG, AdSpark and more.


Director, Lee Harle, from AVADO Asia Pacific said: “As we all experience daily, the digital landscape is evolving especially rapidly in our dynamic region. Since AVADO’s arrival in Asia Pacific in 2016 we have seen over 1500 students from more than 600 companies join Squared Online, our digital marketing and leadership course, to further their skills and careers in digital. Our strong partnership with Google is founded on a shared commitment to the development of present and future leaders, as we deliver online learning directly to their clients. With dedicated initiatives launched in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand so far this year, it is a very exciting time for Squared Online as we welcome over 40 students from the Philippines. Here at AVADO we’re looking forward to helping drive change through preparing these students and their companies for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The support from Google, and the passion shown by its clients here for investing in people, are strong indicators of an exciting digital future in this market. ”

Designed by the industry, for the industry, the curriculum is built by local and international subject matter experts using innovative methods to transform a typical online learning course into an interactive environment that reflects the digital landscape that the students will be exploring. The course is accessible through mobile, tablet or desktop devices to allow students to join from wherever they learn best, whether that’s at home, in a cafe or on-the- go. Learning happens through interactive live classes, expert guest speakers and collaborative individual activities and group projects.

Squared Online is delivered on a part-time basis over five months and covers a broad global curriculum ranging from data analytics and insights to mobile commerce and integrated marketing strategies. The course will then introduce students to a range of tools, technologies and platforms to understand how brands can engage with consumers in today’s digital landscape. The programme also has a constant focus on leadership development to give students the confidence and skills to take the learning and apply it effectively back at their workplace.

“Most crucially we want students to influence and drive change for the industry, with the mind-set to collaborate and lead others to see change more as an opportunity than as a risk”.

Jakob Widerberg, APAC Agency Capability Manager at Google commented, “The Philippines is home to a wealth of talent who understand the digital agenda but who often have little opportunity to effectively use their knowledge, enthusiasm and leadership potential more widely. That’s where Squared Online comes in. We set out to create a training programme for the industry which breaks down false barriers and creates an environment where students can gain a strategic understanding of the digital landscape whilst honing their collaboration and leadership potential.”

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