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D&AD Entertainment Jury President Jureeporn Thaidumrong on entertaining ads and long term impact

LONDON, UK — Before the D&AD Ceremony commences and the winners are announced on May 22 at Southbank Centre, London, adobo Magazine caught up with Jureeporn Thaidumrong, Chairwoman and Chief Creative Officer of GREYnJ UNITED and this year’s Entertainment Jury President. Jureeporn, fondly known as “Judee” amongst her peers and Jeh Ju (Big Sister) amongst Thai locals, delved into the work she is looking for in the category, how to integrate entertainment into advertising, and more.

The Entertainment category is described as branded and brand-funded entertainment that people feel compelled to watch, seek out, and share. The category includes films, audio, apps, experiences, and the use of immersive technologies to blend real and virtual worlds.

In conversation with adobo Magazine Founder, President, and Editor-in-Chief Angel Guerrero, Judee emphasized the importance of entertainment in advertising, explaining that it is a crucial category for creating engaging ads that benefit both the brand and society in the long run. When asked how she defines entertainment and its role in brand building, she replied that entertainment can take many forms, from humor to storytelling. “I think, first of all, advertising should be entertaining. Because people don’t like advertising much. They want to escape advertising. Entertaining people is the most important thing. And entertainment should cut across all categories,” Judee noted.


“Everything is changing a lot nowadays, so many new technologies and many things that use advertising, and now anything can be called entertainment,” she added.

As jury president, she told adobo that she would like to see how entertainment can benefit the brand in the long term and set a new standard or a new way of building the brand in the new era of technology: “I want to encourage the entertainment jury members to think openly about how entertainment can benefit brands and society long term while embracing new.” 

With this, she noted that a significant number of work from big brands was entered from the first list of 269 shortlists.

View the full list of D&AD Entertainment winners here.

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