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This week, visit the world’s first offline island, listen to these AI avatars, and get distracted by chocolates

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Every week, the advertising industry elevates creativity with works that get people talking. Whether raising awareness on social causes, spreading joy, or telling a unique story, marketers and advertisers have continued to find newer and more dynamic ways to communicate brand messages to target audiences around the world. True enough, there is no shortage of great campaigns for the adobo Magazine team to admire and celebrate in time for each week’s round-up.

From gripping stories that stay with you for hours after seeing them for the first time to brilliant engagements that bring the brand to new heights, here are the campaigns that crossed our radar this week:

Let’s be real: Parenthood isn’t always picture-perfect.

Newborn parents need as much tender care as their babies, in what can be an overwhelming time of change for many. To highlight the struggles of new parents and emphasize the importance of supporting their mental health, Gidget Foundation Australia and Ogilvy Network ANZ used emotive imagery to challenge the idealized view of early parenthood. The tagline “Gidget Foundation is here for you” positioned the foundation as a key resource for emotional support and mental health care for expectant and new parents, coinciding with the Global Day of Parents on June 01.


Escape to where the only bars are on the beach, not your phone.

In 2023, the regional tourism board of Kotka-Hamina and creative agency SEK declared the Finnish island of Ulko-Tammio the world’s first offline island. Recognizing the toll that constant screen use takes on one’s well-being, the campaign aimed to counter digital addiction by encouraging visitors to unplug and enjoy nature without phone access. As Mats Selin from Visit Kotka-Hamina explained, the island offered a solution in a world where even holidays need to be “Instagrammable.”

“The Offline Island” proved to be a resounding success, drawing significant media attention and leading to an 8.4% increase in overnight stays in the region. The unique experience attracted tourists who valued mental well-being and a break from the digital world.

AI Avatars turn invisible struggles into visible change


A.I.-generated ang babaeng ito, pero siya ang magkukwento ng pinagdaanan ni “Flora” (not her real name) sa kamay ng asawa niya. Ginawa ito para maprotektahan ang identity niya. Kung ikaw ay gaya ni “Flora”, o may kilala kang nakaranas nito, ‘di kayo nag-iisa. Visit para may makatulong sa inyo. FaceOfCourage

♬ original sound – FMA – FMA

Did you know that, according to the 2022 Philippine National Demographic and Health Survey, 52.4% of women in the country do not seek help after experiencing domestic violence? This “culture of silence” is often caused by shame and a fear of repercussions. To address this, the Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA), in partnership with Dentsu Creative Manila, launched “Face of Courage.”

Using generative AI, they created an avatar to represent real survivors. By allowing them to share their stories anonymously while retaining a human touch., FMA and Dentsu Creative Manila protected identities while empowering more victims to come forward.

Warning: This new chocolate bar causes serious attention theft

Adobopicks 06072024 insert2

Cadbury is known as a playful brand, so it came as no surprise when it tapped VCCP London to roll out a cheeky campaign to introduce the Cadbury Dairy Milk &More bar. The new product offering boasts bigger chunks and more combinations of delicious flavors than ever before.

The idea behind the campaign is to celebrate the bar’s depth by showcasing the distracting power of the &More bar’s fillings, proudly celebrating that “there’s a lot to take in.” The campaign’s centerpiece is a series of cheeky “distracted” ads, where characters from neighboring posters can’t resist gawking at the Dairy Milk &More bar. Adding a generous twist, Cadbury also shines a spotlight on real independent businesses, featuring them in these ads and giving them a platform.

Skip the water, pour the milk

Adobopicks 06072024 insert1

Here’s a fun fact: New Zealanders have a particular fondness for their dairy. To serve as a fun and poignant reminder of why milk is cherished by New Zealanders, Anchor partnered with TBWA\New Zealand for a whimsical campaign.

Released on World Milk Day, “Thank Goodness for Milk” imagines a world without — well, what else? — milk. The ads depict bleak scenarios, such as cookies dipped in water and water-soaked cereal, showing milk’s indispensable role in daily joys.

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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