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adobo Talks: Beyond Clicks – Driving results through influencer marketing

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – On May 27, the Word on Creativity is proud to present the latest entry in adobo Talks, entitled, Beyond Clicks, an informative session discussing how to maximize influencer marketing for maximum business results. As social media KPI’s have evolved beyond vanity metrics, so too have the roles of influencers, and it is adobo’s honor to facilitate this deep dive into the topic with some of the industry’s leading minds. 

Representing Facebook Philippines will be Alex De Leon, Instagram Product Marketing Manager for Asia-Pacific, to share insights from the platforms’ perspective on influencer marketing and branded content as they apply to brand strategy and generating real-world results.

On the client side, representing Unilever Philippines, Media Director & E-Commerce Lead SEA, Dennis Perez, will discuss how Unilever has harnessed influencer marketing in multiple campaigns. To expound on how influencer marketing bridges the gaps between awareness, conversion, and actual purchase, Perez will be joined by Unilever Country Media Manager Macce Samarista and Unilever Digital Commerce Manager Jackie Manago-Nepomuceno, who will speak on the efficacy of branded content targeted towards specific niche audiences, and how branded content drives purchases, respectively.


Helping to contextualize the interplay between brands, influencers, and platforms will be Mindshare Digital Director Jeff Ng, and Managing Partner Deboo Mohanty, who will speak on branded content’s power to drive awareness, while showcasing some of the latest technological innovations brands have at their fingertips.

With an all-star panel, relevant data, exclusive insights, and informative case studies, Beyond Clicks will cover everything modern brands need to be relevant in a social media-powered, e-commerce age. 

Beyond Clicks – Driving Results Through Influencer Marketing is open to all interested advertising and marketing practitioners. For more information or to sign up, please click here.

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