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Epicode 02: Millennials Unbound | Millennial Codes Unlocked: Lockdown Edition

  • Moderated by Jos Ortega, Chairman & CEO of Havas Ortega
  • Havas Ortega Group’s Director of Applied Anthropology Gayia Beyer
  • Planning Consultant Vicky Ortega
  • Kassandra “Kass” Barnes, a gender equality and human rights advocate

#Epicode 2: “There Will Always Be Me In Meaning” – For the second part of our series, we will be tackling the 2nd Millennial Code based on the study by Havas Ortega Group, on how millennials “Take Pride in Passion Over Profession”.

“Millennial Codes Unlocked: Lockdown Edition” is an open access eight-part webinar series co-produced by Havas Ortega Group and adobo magazine launches today to help marketers and creatives understand just what motivates this generation, and how they are coping while in #COVID19 lockdown.

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