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10 young creatives from the Philippines are Vegas-bound for Creative LIAisons

LONDON, UK — London International Awards has invited 120 young creatives from around the globe to Creative LIAisons, the onsite training academy that runs concurrently with LIA Judging in Las Vegas. LIA created this exclusive and sought-after program in 2012 as a way of giving back to the industry. 

LIA allocates seats to industry networks, agencies, related companies, and associations that support LIA, advertising clubs, trade press, regional competitions, and a select number of self-nominations. 

Continuing its long-held tradition of supporting creative excellence in the industry, LIA’s global coaching initiative develops, educates, inspires, and nurtures emerging talent, empowering them with key skills for a purpose-driven future.  


Creative LIAisons take place over four days in Las Vegas, from October 08 through October 11. There are no delegate fees and flights and hotel accommodations are funded by LIA. The program features seminars, panel discussions, and interactive workshops led by some of the top professionals in our industry and related industries. 

What is truly unrivaled in this journey towards creative excellence is that attendees have access to the LIA Judging rooms for the invaluable opportunity to observe statute discussions. Mentees get to see first-hand what it takes to create work that exemplifies the next level of creative excellence. LIA is the only global festival to offer this opportunity.  

LIA’s intimate environment provides young professionals unparalleled access to jurors, speakers, and top-level creatives. Unlike other large festivals, LIA’s size and events are designed for emerging talent to enjoy unfettered access to the leaders of the industry. 

In addition to the onsite program, the Creative LIAisons Virtual Coaching program is underway, offering over 180 young creatives worldwide the opportunity to have one-to-one coaching sessions with respected industry luminaries.  

Ten creatives from the Philippines are taking part in the virtual program receiving e-mentoring sessions with three established industry leaders. Each bespoke session is determined by the mentor and mentee and is designed to develop and grow young talent, coaching them to their full potential. 

Virtual Mentees participating in the program this year: 

  • Ciara Baello, Senior Art Director at Blackpencil Manila (Leo Burnett Manila), Makati City 
  • Karl Malik Bernardo, Copywriter at Dentsu Creative Philippines, Makati City 
  • Mica Dela Rosa, Associate Creative Director at BBDO Guerrero, Makati City 
  • Vince Divinagracia, Senior Art Director at Mullen Lowe Treyna, Makati City 
  • Jezca Enriquez, Senior Art Director at Oddefy Creative,Makati City 
  • Franc Kevin Mangahas, Senior Art Director at Elesi Studios Asia, Makati City 
  • Gelo Marasigan, Copywriter at Cheil Philippines, Makati City 
  • Jonel Revistual, Copywriter at Dentsu Creative Philippines, Makati City 
  • Candice Sosiong, Copywriter at Oddefy Creative, Makati City 
  • Diether Charles Tizon, Junior Art Director at Publicis JimenezBasic, Makati City 

Coaching is the ability to take talent to a place they can’t take themself, to see in people what they can’t see in themself. 

Coaches from the Philippines that will be sharing their knowledge and experience with the Virtual Mentees from around the globe are: 

  • Joey David Tiempo, Founder / CEO, Octopus&Whale, Manila 
  • David Guerrero, Creative Chairman / CCO, BBDO Guerrero, Makati City 
  • Merlee Jayme, Chairmom / Founder, The Misfits Group, Manila 
  • Gavin Simpson, Executive Creative Director, BBDO Guerrero, Makati City 

Firrdaus Yusoff, Creative LIAisons Alum and Head of Creative at Forsman & Bodenfors, said, “It’s nice to read about the restart of the LIA Creative LIAisons program in Las Vegas. I was lucky enough to be there in 2014. And for a young creative, it’s a ridiculously awesome event. You get to be a fly on the wall during the judging sessions, and that experience has helped shaped my own jury duties. You also get to meet other young creatives. People like Alok Mohan, John-John Skoog, Rayna Vihuela Reyes, Zoe Kessler, Morgan Tierney, and countless others. Many of them have continued to kick ass, wherever they are. So, if you’re a young creative, please bug your creative lead on how you can get involved. Mine was through the OG Creative Guru, Ronald Ng.” 

To view the 2023 Creative LIAisons Coaches, visit here. To view the 2023 Creative LIAisons Mentees, visit here.

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