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AAMS revives Singapore Media Awards as the Singapore Media Marketing Awards

SINGAPORE — The Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore (AAMS) has announced the return of the Singapore Media Awards, re-envisioned as the Singapore Media Marketing Awards after a three-year hiatus. This year’s theme, “Convergence Unleashed,” spotlights the pivotal role of collaboration, diversity, and accountability in driving the evolving industry.

Taking the helm of this refreshed era are Co-chairs Ian Loon, CEO of Media & Digital, Singapore, and Chief Transformation Officer for Southeast Asia at Publicis Groupe, and Bee Bee Lim, who leads marketing for the Consumer Business Group at DBS Singapore. Their combined wealth of experience and keen strategic insight form a dynamic partnership, emphasizing the pivotal roles of inclusion and accountability in propelling the industry’s success.

Ian highlighted, “Our industry thrives on a remarkable mix of talent where varied skills and diverse perspectives are exponentially brought together for businesses and their consumers. The Singapore Media Marketing Awards spotlight this as our industry’s driving force, especially given Singapore’s position as a distinct market with vast international dependencies. This collective spirit excites me, with conviction as the only way to strengthen our industry’s ability to seize opportunities in our new world.”


Bee Bee echoed this sentiment, “In the heart of marketing lies the collaborative effort to establish meaningful connections with consumers. These awards honor this endeavor, emphasizing the critical role of convergence in developing effective strategies. The shared accountability we hold in maintaining these connections is pivotal. I’m delighted to be part of an initiative that values such consumer engagement and acknowledges the cooperative effort and accountability that underpin it.”

Under its new guise as the Singapore Media Marketing Awards, this event pays tribute to talent, hard work, and creativity in local and multinational organizations that have found fertile ground in Singapore.

The awards highlight outstanding work developed in Singapore and have made waves locally and abroad. With Ian and Bee Bee at the helm, the awards aim to mix it up by adopting fresh perspectives and combining the unexpected to drive remarkable outcomes for brands and the industry.

The Singapore Media Marketing Awards is more than a recognition platform. It’s a springboard for future growth. It inspires marketers and media enthusiasts of today and tomorrow, acknowledging remarkable achievements while promoting creativity and innovation. It represents a nod to its past, a celebration of its present, and a driver for future industry success.

“With Ian and Bee Bee’s experience and passion, we are confident the Singapore Media Marketing Awards will inspire and elevate our industry by spotlighting the talent, innovation, and ideas that have made an
exceptional impact on businesses and brands. Let’s not just celebrate but inspire and raise the bar to make Singapore the beacon of marcoms in Asia,” said Shufen Goh, President of AAMS.

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