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Adfest 2024’s Production Hut connects companies to creative frontiers

PATTAYA, THAILAND — Companies looking to make a mark in the creative landscape must flex their craft muscles, connect with the industry, and expand networks. An excellent avenue for achieving this is through Production Hut, the showcase for production and production-related firms at ADFEST 2024.

Every year, exhibitors have a vital opportunity to directly reach the creative industry and showcase their company’s capabilities to an eager audience through Production Hut. ADFEST attendees recognize Production Hut as a popular and integral part of the festival, offering a glimpse into the latest trends in the creative and production industry.

For exhibitors, this platform serves as an ideal space to stay ahead of industry trends and innovations. Delegates, on the other hand, benefit from discovering how craftsmanship can propel the success of their brands and projects, exploring both the newest craft tools and services as well as time-tested favorites.


Production Hut’s booths are open to all production-related companies, including production houses, animation firms, post-production facilities, visual effects studios, music and sound studios, and stock photography and footage companies. The festival’s unique atmosphere fosters connections, making it an ideal environment for networking, distributing showreels, and establishing new relationships.

Kem Suraphongchai, Festival Director at ADFEST, attests to the perfect environment for making connections that Production Hut provides, based on the positive feedback received annually. The package for participating in ADFEST’s Production Hut is priced at USD7,000, offering a 2 x 2-meter booth equipped with an LCD TV and two complimentary delegate registrations.

Production Hut is scheduled to run during ADFEST 2024 at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand, from March 21 to 23.

Group discounts are available for companies looking to maximize their presence at Production Hut. For more information, interested parties can review the complete Production Hut Package or get in touch with Zine here.

As ADFEST 2024 is currently accepting entries, companies are encouraged to act swiftly, with the final deadline for entry submissions on January 12. Additionally, the Early Bird Rate for Delegate Registrations is concluding soon on January 15.

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