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APAC Tambuli Awards announces Unilever’s Kristine Go, Chairmom Merlee Jayme, and Nestlé’s Kais Marzouki as Jury Presidents

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Kristine Go, General Manager for Nutrition of Unilever Southeast Asia, Merlee Jayme, Chairmom/Creative Consultant and former CCO of Dentsu International APAC, and Kais Marzouki, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines, have been named Jury Presidents for the 2023 Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards. As Presidents, they will lead their respective juries in selecting the bronze, silver, and gold Tambuli winners.

Kristine Go

Kristine Go will lead the Champions for Humanity Jury. Champions for Humanity is a cluster of categories under the Brand Purpose division for brands that excel by championing the growth and flourishing of human persons.

Kristine commented, “The APAC Tambuli Awards is one of the few, if not the only award-giving bodies that puts purpose at the center. It is a prestigious award that major companies and agencies annually support and aspire to win. I’d like to invite you to join the APAC Tambuli Awards this year. Let’s show the world how our brands drive purpose for society and win in the market.”

Merlee Jayme

Merlee Jayme will lead the Builders of Society Jury. Builders of Society is a cluster of categories under the Brand Purpose division for brands that grow by seeking to build better and more harmonious societies.

Merlee said, “In a world where ideas, dreams, and reputations can be demolished in seconds with just words and videos, posted every day, we need all the more to encourage and rally brands to rise up and build. To build great examples of goodness, inspiration, and purposeful creativity. Sturdy enough to withstand the test of time, and to genuinely solve our society’s current challenges. This year, I’m honored to lead The Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards Builders of Society Executive Jury. Truly excited to witness creative work that rises up with the rest of the world.”

Kais Marzouki

Kais Marzouki will lead the Leaders for Sustainability and Corporate Purpose Jury. Leaders for Sustainability and Corporate Purpose is a cluster of categories under the Sustainability and Corporate Purpose division, which awards non-marketing initiatives. This cluster of categories is for businesses that thrive by leading the sustainable and resilient transformation of their workplace, culture, communities, and countries.

Kais said, “In times of persistent turbulence and uncertainty, the value proposition becomes more crucial than ever for consumers and customers. In this context, the Tambuli Awards serve in my view as a compass to exemplify how higher-level, meaningful communication with impact can create value for both the brand and the business. It is also always a great exercise to benchmark and to learn from each other how best to express purpose through creativity. That is why I feel privileged to be part of such an institution.”

Tambuli is now accepting entries for the 2023 edition, to be held at the Grand Hyatt Manila on June 06. Campaigns released between January 01 and December 31, 2022, are eligible to enter. Campaigns between January 01 and December 31, 2021, that have not been previously entered, are also eligible for submission for this year’s awards.

The Regular deadline for submission is on April 10 while the Final deadline is on April 21. The complete list of categories and the entry form are available here.

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