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Awards: Cheil wins highest accolade in Print & Outdoor Craft at ADFEST 2020, and makes a new winning record with 22 trophies

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Cheil Worldwide won 22 awards including a Grande, 4 Gold, 8 Silver, and 9 Bronze at the ADFEST 2020 Lotus Awards which is a new record for the agency network. The winners were announced at a virtual awards ceremony held on 15 February 2021.

Campaigns produced by Cheil Worldwide were awarded at the 2020 ADFEST Lotus Awards

“A Sweet Escape” for Chupa Chups by Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong won the Grande of Print & Outdoor Craft Lotus. The series of prints convey arduous tasks for kids and how the temporary escape given by the lollipop brand can feel much sweeter. A Sweet Escape was Cheil’s best performing campaign as it also grabbed 4 Gold and 4 Silver.

Masaya Asai, ADFEST Jury President of Design Lotus, Print & Outdoor Craft Lotus, said: “The message especially resonated with everyone. It was so charming, the details of the CG drawing was beautifully illustrated, and the choice of the medium was perfect for this simple and playful idea.”


3 Silver and a Bronze went to “BACK2LIFE” by Cheil PengTai Beijing and Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong. The campaign helped people learn how to perform CPR by hacking the biggest game of the year and building hands-on CPR training right into the game.

Another Silver went to “Fish Love Band” by Cheil Worldwide Seoul. In order to raise awareness and change people’s behavior of overfishing of immature fish, Cheil created a wearable wristband that has minimum legal size of capture marked on the scale.

“Now, Words Aren’t Just Heard, But Felt” by Cheil Worldwide India won 3 Bronze. Samsung and Cheil launched an app to help deaf blind people communicate via mobile phones with the technology that converts voice and text into Morse Code vibrations and vice versa.

2 Bronze went to “Galaxy Graffiti” by Cheil Worldwide Seoul, an interactive digital installation at Samsung’s brand experience space in London. A Bronze each went to Cheil Worldwide Seoul’s “Redceipt”, Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong’s “Fatal Recognition”, and Iris Singapore’s “All Hail Patricks”.

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