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Awards: Tambuli 2022 names jury for corporate purpose

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards 2022 announced the members of the Corporate Purpose Executive Jury headed by Margot Torres, Managing Director at McDonald’s Philippines. The jury members include:

  • Margot Torres, Managing Director, McDonald’s Philippines – Jury President
  • Nuria Chinchilla, Ph.D. Professor of Leadership, Chair for Women & Leadership, IESE Business School, Spain
  • Rica Lorenzo-Davila, Chairman and CEO, Lapanday Foods Corporation
  • Antonio Del Rosario, President, Coca-Cola Philippines, & Vice President Franchise Operations, Vietnam & Cambodia, Coca-Cola Far East Ltd.
  • Ricky Isla, Chief Executive Officer/President, Philippines Air Asia Inc.
  • Jikyeong Kang, Dean & President, Asian Institute of Management
  • Noel Lorenzana, Chief Commercial Advisor, PLDT
  • Kais Marzouki, Chief Executive Officer, Nestle Philippines
  • Harvey Ong, Chief Operating Officer, Alfamart Trading Philippines
  • Amrita Randhawa, CEO Singapore & Southeast Asia, Publicis Groupe
  • Steven Tan, CEO SM Supermalls
  • Mariana Zobel de Ayala, Senior Vice President Consumer Bank Marketing & Platforms, Bank of the Philippine Islands

The corporate purpose categories will recognize the effective implementation of practices or programs by an organization that put into action their corporate purpose in core areas such as product development, supply chain and logistics, sales and distribution, organization culture and human resources, and so on, creating impact for the common good of its employees, other stakeholders, and the communities they serve. This awards programs core to the business, and not ancillary initiatives typically under corporate social responsibility.

At Tambuli Awards, corporate purpose is defined as the core reason for why a business exists, as reflected in its mission, vision, goals, strategic direction, culture, and practices, for the common good of its employees, other stakeholders, and the communities they serve. We believe that for brand purpose to be truly effective and genuine, it must be rooted in an authentic and effective corporate purpose.


There are seven categories under Corporate Purpose inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations:

  1. Hunger and Poverty: Alleviate poverty, hunger, and promote good nutrition.
  2. Good Health and Well-Being: Promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle and quality of life.
  3. Quality Education: Provide equal opportunities for quality education for all.
  4. Women Empowerment: Empowering and supporting women in all aspects of their life such as, leadership, career, home and family, public life, and so on.
  5. Protection and Care for the Environment: Clean energy and water, sanitation, climate, marine life, terrestrial ecosystem and efficient use of natural resources, among others.
  6. Corporate Leadership & Culture: Increasing productivity, employee engagement, and performance driven by a strong and inspiring corporate culture and leadership.
  7. Inclusive Growth: Providing the means and opportunities for the marginalized sectors in society (e.g. contractual workers, people with disabilities, small farmers, etc.) to be part of the company’s success in a sustainable way.”

The APAC Tambuli Awards is not an award on charity, advocacy, pro bono, or CSR advertising, even if those campaigns are welcome and encouraged to enter. The award, however, focuses on mainstream brand campaigns that celebrate humanity, inspire purpose, and deliver results. The Tambuli recognizes the effectiveness of brand purpose-led marketing campaigns that fuel growth and inspire brands to become a force for good.

This award show is organized from Manila by the School of Communication of the
University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) in collaboration with industry partners.

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