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Awards: The EON Group’s Philippine Trust Index wins bronze at the PR Awards Asia 2022

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The EON Group, one of the largest independent, Filipino-owned, and award-winning integrated communications firms in the Philippines, wins Bronze for Best Use of Analytics at PRWeek and Campaign Asia’s PR Awards Asia 2022. EON’s entry, titled “Measuring Filipinos’ Trust During a Pandemic,” is based on its latest Philippine Trust Index (PTI), a proprietary nationwide research study that examines the country’s trust landscape and measures the levels and quality of trust Filipinos have for social institutions. EON has been producing this study biennially for the past decade.

The PTI is EON’s landmark project that capitalizes on data-centric intelligence and insights. For 2021, it used data gathered from a face-to-face nationwide study conducted from August to September 2021 among 800 respondents from different socio-economic and demographic backgrounds. It compared the findings with the Groundswell Report from EON’s Strategic Planning and Analytics unit, which used keywords to scan and gather online public conversations held between August 2020 and August 2021 and manually tagged them for expressing either trust, distrust, or a neutral sentiment in social institutions. By looking at the country’s trust landscape from both on-the-ground and online perspectives, the PTI 2021 was able to zero in on the factors that influenced public trust during the pandemic and provide context and nuance to them.

“We’re very happy to continue the EON tradition of championing Filipino excellence through substantive work that benefits every stakeholder whose success depends on trust,” said Malyn Molina, president and chief operating officer of the EON Group. “As builders of trust, we will continue to monitor the country’s trust landscape and its dynamic movement across industries.”


In its commitment to fostering trust among partners and stakeholders, EON has remodeled its scope of work and expanded its research and analytics services to serve as an industry pioneer in substantiating its innovative and creative work with data-driven perspectives. Its think tank and insights laboratory EON Trust Central leads the creation of data-mined white papers on various industries, changing consumer behavior, and social behavior with the help of a partnership with a market research company’s mobile app technology. Meanwhile, the firm’s Strategic Planning and Analytics unit produces reports on dominant and emerging online trends and sentiments by culling keyword mentions on social media and tagging their content for planners to flesh out data-based insights. These capabilities help synergize the different components of EON’s work and make its campaigns creative and effective.

“Recognitions for our industry-leading data intelligence practice are what tells us that we are on the right path. Our clients and audience can be sure that EON’s practices will only improve for the better from here on,” Molina added.

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