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Awards: Unilever Philippines & Green Park Content bag X13 major wins at Marketing Excellence Awards 2021

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Unilever Philippines, along with their global agency Green Park Content, performance-driven content and brand publishing agency, won X13 Category Awards at the Marketing Magazine’s Marketing Excellence Awards 2021 in the Philippines, in addition to being named the Marketer of the Year 2021.

Scooping up over 50% of the total awards, Unilever Philippines reigned triumphant at the Marketing Excellence Awards, winning an exceptional number of pinnacle, industry awards plus the top Marketer of the Year Award.

• Excellence in Marketing Transformation (BeautyHub.PH)
• Excellence in Digital Marketing (All Things Hair PH)
• Excellence in Data-Driven Marketing & Consumer Insights (All Things Hair PH) • Excellence in Personalisation Marketing (All Things Hair PH)
• Excellence in Content Marketing (All Things Hair PH)
• Excellence in Media Strategy (All Things Hair PH)
• Excellence in Consumer Engagement (All Things Hair PH)


• Excellence in Communications/PR (BeautyHub.PH)
• Excellence in Search Marketing (All Things Hair PH)
• Excellence in Interactive Marketing- AR and VR (All Things Hair PH)

• Excellence in Marketing Innovation (All Things Hair PH)
• Excellence in Experiential Marketing (All Things Hair PH)
• Excellence in Pivot Marketing (All Things Hair PH)


The Marketing Excellence Awards entries and award-winning projects for All Things Hair and BeautyHub, were led by Francis Almirante, Digital Transformation Manager, Beauty & Personal Care, Unilever Philippines, and Dorothy Dee-Ching, VP for Marketing, Beauty & Personal Care, Unilever Philippines.


All Things Hair is Unilever’s data-driven, global content hub for haircare and hairspiration, answering every consumer’s haircare questions, in the moment of need. All Things Hair is active in 11 markets globally, has content in 6 languages, features 64 Unilever Haircare brands, and has published over 17,000 pieces of content. It was Green Park Content’s first-ever project with Unilever global.

All Things Hair Philippines content hub is an engaging, innovative, successful, and growing phenomenon in the Philippine market. The platform has achieved exceptional performance results, and this is why it won X11 Awards: X6 Gold Awards, X2 Silver Awards and X3 Bronze Marketing Excellence Awards.

All Things Hair platform achieved:

  • 5-star rating from consumers
  • Triple digit E-Commerce growth (Data Source: Unilever PH)
  • Tremendous growth in organic page views (Data Source: Unilever PH 1 June 2020 to 31 July 2021)
  • Triple digit growth in product views (Data Source: Unilever PH) o Significant savings in paid media

Chief Content Officer, Green Park Content Katherine Lopez Hernandez who leads All Things Hair Philippines stated, “Winning several categories in the Marketing Excellence Awards is proof of our commitment to serve relevant and engaging content to our consumers. We take a good look at what they need so we can provide specific, personalised solutions which answer all their needs and questions.”

Katherine added, “For us, these awards are also added motivation for us to continue providing an enriching experience to our consumers so whenever they visit our website and use our chatbot, they’d want to come back again and again.”


BeautyHub.PH is Unilever’s newest, inclusive, positive beauty content hub platform. Its position as an everyday beauty expert allows it to rewrite the outdated rules on beauty and personal care. BeautyHub.PH provides beauty, wellness, and grooming advice to people of all colours, shapes, and sizes. It champions inclusivity and equal representation for all and encourages everyone to ‘be your own beautiful.’

Through its well-researched and expert-vetted content, BeautyHub.PH seeks to redefine beauty standards and celebrate body diversity by shining light on every skin tone, age group, and hair needs. BeautyHub.PH leads all towards greater self-care and self-love through interesting and informative articles that range from practical tips, how-to guides, interviews, and inspirational articles about beauty, wellness, and lifestyle.

The BeautyHub.PH content hub features 18 Unilever brands (AXE, CLEAR, closeup, Cream Silk, Dove, Dove Men, Baby Dove, Eskinol, Lifebuoy, Love Beauty Planet, Master, POND’s, POND’s Men, Rexona, Sunsilk, TRESemmé, Vaseline, and Vitakeratin). It bridges Unilever’s products and its audiences through insightful storytelling that delivers value and promotes inclusivity and diversity.”

Although BeautyHub.PH is relatively new, it has achieved exceptional performance results in a relatively short time, including winning a Gold and a Silver at the recent Marketing Excellence Awards.

BeautyHub.PH success and consumer appeal are due to the following:

1. BeautyHub.PH represents every Filipina and addresses their concerns no matter how taboo.
2. BeautyHub.PH philosophy promotes “positive beauty,” which means embracing your uniqueness and empowering you to make your own choices.
3. BeautyHub.PH avoids terms that generalise and stereotype, such as “normal skin.” 4. BeautyHub.PH articles are backed by experts and scientific journals, making sure that the information it presents is credible, accurate, factual.
5. After just six months, BeautyHub.PH has already gained a high level of organic traffic and has developed a growing and loyal community.

Managing Editor, Green Park Content – Sasha Mariposa said, “We are so proud of the BeautyHub.PH project and the chance to rewrite the rules on beauty and personal care. With BeautyHub.PH, we are delighted to create a more purposeful and positive beauty platform and to celebrate everyone’s unique individuality and their own kind of beautiful, regardless of body shape, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. We are proud to make BeautyHub.PH an award-winning case study at the Marketing Excellence Awards and that the judges recognised Unilever’s BeautyHub.PH a unique, purposeful, and impactful inclusive beauty platform.”

Dorothy Dee-Ching, VP for Marketing, Beauty & Personal Care PH, said, “Unilever Philippines is proud to win Marketer of the Year in this year’s Marketing Excellence Awards. This is a testament to the success of our consumer-centric and digital first solutions of Unilever and our partner, Green Park Content.

Unilever aims to respond to consumer needs in this new world, through the power of search and data-driven, high-performance content. With and BeautyHub.PH, we will continue to deliver on this consumer promise.”

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