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Cannes Lions Day 5 big winners revealed: Ogilvy Singapore wins Grand Prix in Glass The Lion For Change

CANNES, FRANCE — The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has concluded this year’s event with the fifth awards night, releasing winners from the Film Lions, Titanium Lions, Sustainable Development Goals Lions, Grand Prix For Good and Glass: The Lion for Change.



  • Grand Prix | Glass: The Lion For Change

Agency: Ogilvy Singapore
Client: Unilever

This year’s winning campaign was awarded to the product idea by Ogilvy Singapore and Unilever, which resulted from a two-year co-creation with transgender women. “Transition Body Lotion” is an industry-first, clinically proven skincare product by the personal care giant that aims to tackle the specific needs of transgender women. Specifically, it contains Isoflavones, a plant-based oestrogen that had never been used in the category. By adding this, the lotion helps regulate the hormonal imbalance derived from gender-affirming therapy.



Two Grands Prix winners were chosen for the Film Lions, with Marcel Paris getting one for “WoMen’s Football” for Orange and The Monkeys Part of Accenture Song getting the other for “Play It Safe” for the Sydney Opera House.

“WoMen’s Football”

  • Grand Prix | Film Lions

Agency: Marcel Paris
Client: Orange


  • Grand Prix | Film Lions

Agency: The Monkeys Part of Accenture Song
Client: Sydney Opera House



  • Grand Prix | Titanium Lions

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland / Superette, the Creative Studio at DoorDash
Client: Doordash

In a poetic turn of events, Wieden+Kennedy Portland’s “Doordash-All-The-Ads” is bringing home the coveted Dan Wieden Titanium Lions Grand Prix, which is awarded to campaigns that embody game-changing creativity, boundary-busting, and envy-inspiring work that shows the way forward for the industry. 

In 2023, this award was named after Wieden+Kennedy Co-founder Dan Wieden as a tribute as it was because of him that the Titanium Lions was born. Doordash’s campaign was a massive product demo at scale and on the biggest stage, which simply but audaciously promised to deliver all the products advertised in the Super Bowl. 



  • Grand Prix | Sustainable Development Goals Lions

Agency: Publicis Conseil
Client: Renault

Renault and Publicis Conseil add another Grand Prix to their partnership as they secure another groundbreaking project with their “Cars To Work” campaign. The initiative is an offer that Renault provides to French people – for free – during a 3-month trial period. This is because only four out of 10 French live in mobility deserts, areas with zero public transport, losing out on possible jobs to sign up for.

As the brand’s help, Renault offers these cars in a favorable and inclusive arrangement – that availers only start to pay at affordable conditions once their job is secured. By doing so, cars made accessible to those who need them the most, in partnership with the French Public Employment Service.



  • Grand Prix for Good

Agency: Innocean Berlin
Client: Reporters Without Borders

This year’s Grand Prix for Good goes to Reporters Without Borders’ campaign “The First Speech” from Innocean Berlin. Launched to mark the 30th anniversary of Reporters Without Borders Germany, it aimed to remind people, during a time when democracy is being intensely challenged, that democracy is fragile and cannot be taken for granted. The film ends with the powerful line: “Trust the free press. Not pretty words.”

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