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IMMAP’s Boomerang Awards present this year’s special categories along with industry leaders

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — After fourteen years of celebrating Digital marketing innovation, creativity, and impact, IMMAP’s show Boomerang has taken on a new and bolder moonshot: Digital Transformation. 

Together with industry leaders Google, Meta, GrabAds, Hyper Island, and Metrobank, they exhort advertisers, platforms, and agencies to “TRANSFORM”. Simply put, to look beyond conventional Marketing success and aim for Digital work that has a transformative impact on brands, businesses, and markets. 

That’s why these leading organizations are co-presenting special categories in this year’s award show. 


Crystal Boomerang

The best Performance Marketing campaign that was executed with Google AI, using Search with Broad Match and/or Performance Max 

Green Boomerang

Outstanding RMN campaign that continuously adapts to consumer needs, utilizes the strength of retail platforms, and delivers the best customer experience 

Blue Boomerang

The best campaign that leveraged videos on Reels, to engage audiences and customers on Meta’s platforms 

Orange Boomerang

The inaugural search for the top 10 digital leaders, who will attend an advanced professional course in the Hyper Island APAC 

Purple Boomerang

The best campaign that effectively challenges inequalities based on gender, sexuality, disability, religion, ethnicity, and other social conditions  

White Boomerang

The best transformation case of a brand or organization that pivoted to or within a digital ecosystem 

In addition to these six special categories, Boomerang Awards now accepts entries to 16 categories including Gaming, Digital Production, Applied Innovation in Traditional Media, and Emerging Channels & Experiences. At the end of the awards season, Boomerang and Metrobank present the different trends arising from the best entries that should inspire the industry in 2024. 

One more notable change is that the organizers have made the case write-up and presentation board the main requirements in the entry, while case videos are now optional. This allows companies of all sizes and even first-time entrants to showcase their work, without worrying about the expense of a case video. 

“We are grateful for the support of our sponsors and partners,” said Co-Chairpersons Cynthia Dayco and Raymund Sison. “Digital transformation in marketing isn’t achieved by only one organization. It takes a united and committed ecosystem”. 

The Boomerang Awards thanks its sponsors Google, GrabAds, and Metrobank, as well as its partners Meta, Hyper Island, Google Cloud, NuWorks, and adobo Magazine. 

Interested individuals and organizations can learn more by visiting www.booms.immap.com.ph or contacting the organizers at secretariat@immap.com.ph

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