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The London International Awards sets out to award the most successful Holding Company with dedicated ‘Of The Year’ award

LONDON, UK — For the first time in 2023, London International Awards (LIA) will award Holding Company Of The Year. This award will recognize the most successful Holding Company based on points allocated to statue wins for Grands, Golds, Silvers, Bronzes and Finalists across all LIA Categories.

All companies listed within the creative credits contribute to the points used to determine Holding Company, regardless of entering company. The Holding Company Of The Year award will be announced with all “Of The Year” awards on November 06, 2023.

While many agencies offering different services grew rapidly from the post-’80s “unbundling” model, there has been a consolidation within the industry brought about mostly by mergers and acquisitions by major international organizations, each controlling a large number of separate agencies and networks across the globe. This award is a way to honor the complexity of the changing landscape of the industry over the years. This allows agencies within the international organizations or holding companies to have better intra-synergistic effect, grow their portfolio or extend their geographical reach. The ability to cross pollinate, collaborate and share resources has resulted in the elevation of creativity within agencies under a Holding Company umbrella.


As an awards show, LIA wants to honor the Holding Companies, which through their various agencies, companies and networks have excelled in different fields of the business to meet the marketing and creative needs of the clients.

LIA Chairperson Terry Savage commented, “Creativity is everywhere – it is also a significant differentiator in terms of effective execution and it is important we recognize all players in the process, the individuals, the agencies, the networks, the producers and now the holding companies.”

Terry added, “The fact that jurors at LIA see all the work in their category, and that there is no pre-judging, makes the results from LIA important.”

In a further change to LIA – in 2023 the award winners will be announced live from judging in Las Vegas. Historically they have been announced several weeks after the event, but this year only the “Of The Year Awards,” including Holding Company of the Year will be announced on November 06, after they are thoroughly checked and rechecked.

Judging will take place in Las Vegas from Saturday, October 06 through Sunday, October 15. The Creative LIAisons Onsite Program will run concurrently with LIA Judging in Las Vegas, offering 125 attendees ample opportunity to meet, mingle and network with the icons of advertising, design, digital, health & pharma, production, technology and more. The intimate environment provides young professionals unparalleled access to jurors, speakers and top-level creatives. Unlike other large festivals, our size, environment and events are designed for emerging talent to enjoy unfettered access to the leaders of the industry. The program features seminars, panel discussions, interactive workshops, as well as the unique opportunity to observe statue discussions as they occur in real-time. LIA is the only global festival that offers this.

There are no delegate fees for the Creative LIAisons program. Flights and hotel accommodations are funded by LIA.

The LIA Entry System is now Open for Entries. The Final Entry Deadline is August 31, 2023. All Entrants must be registered no later than August 17, 2023.

For more information on the juries, categories and/or requirements, visit our website at:

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