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Digital: Singapore’s ‘The Celeb Net’ launches the world’s first celebrity marketplace platform in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – In this era, celebrity marketing is essential for increasing brand visibility, equity and ultimately volume of sales. The Celeb Net, a Singapore-based start-up, has launched the world’s first celebrity marketplace platform to make celebrities more accessible and affordable for brands globally. The platform provides brands with the opportunity to secure celebrity endorsements easily and efficiently through its one-stop platform.

The biggest pain points in engaging celebrities include budget and cost transparency, multiple layers of negotiation and a lengthy research process. With The Celeb Net’s self-service portal, brands can filter celebrities via their campaign requirements and generate fee quotations immediately, essentially shortening the process from weeks to minutes. The platform also provides brands and celebrities with access to internal data analysis to ensure both parties are well-informed during the negotiation stages, all within the most competitive rates in the market.


Kevin Zhang, Founder of The Celeb Net said, “We understand the challenges faced by brands and celebrities in this field. We aim to cultivate a healthy ecosystem for brands and celebrities by introducing this transparent and seamless process. We are certain that The Celeb Net portal can transform and enhance the experience for brands and celebrities alike, as it is instant, direct, smart, and low cost.”

In less than three months, The Celeb Net Malaysia has registered over 60 local A-List celebrities on the platform. This includes some of the most sought-after personalities like Janna Nick, Ayda Jebat, Hairul Azreen, Amyra Rosli, Alif Satar, and Tong Bingyu to name a few. Moreover, big-name brands such as Rado, Ogawa, Maybank and Sen Heng have also registered on The Celeb Net Malaysia.

Actor, Singer and Television Host, Alif Satar shared his experience of working with The Celeb Net. He says, “This platform has made it highly convenient for us to connect with brands seamlessly. It is a much needed tool in Malaysia, and I’m thrilled with the features it has to offer. Celebrity endorsements are booming in the country and I’m glad The Celeb Net has made its way into the Malaysian market.”

Additionally, on-boarded celebrities are also able to send pitches directly to registered brands from any country for collaborations. Brands can immediately assess the offer with the celebrity’s current rate, and customise the pitch according to preference.

Having worked with The Celeb Net Malaysia for a considerable period, Penny Chong, Brand Manager, Rado Malaysia shared her experience of using the portal. She said, “As a brand manager, The Celeb Net is extremely convenient and a highly efficient tool, especially for celebrity engagement.. The platform is user-friendly, direct and transparent.”

Clara Cheong, Country Head, Malaysia has expressed her enthusiasm with regards to The Celeb Net’s expansion into Malaysia. She shared, “We see immense opportunity by expanding this business innovation in Malaysia. Through our portal’s large database and optimised features, we aim to be the platform that bridges the gap between celebrities and brands through Malaysia’s diverse and growing celebrity market.”

The Celeb Net is a subscription-based marketplace platform. The Basic and Premium Plan are priced at RM738 and RM1380 respectively. The Celeb Net is offering a one-year free subscription for the Basic Plan to qualifying brands who sign up before May 31, 2022. For more information, please visit www.thecelebnet.com

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