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11th year of Kuris International Theatre Festival and Workshops opens in Bacolod

BACOLOD, PHILIPPINES — Seasoned local and foreign performing arts champions converge as the 11th Kuris International Theatre Festival and Workshops 2024 kicks off at the University of St. La Salle Bacolod and the Negros Museum, promising an unparalleled showcase of creativity and cultural exchange from February 21 to 24.

Embracing the theme of “Theatre Without Borders,” the 11th Kuris International Theatre Festival and Workshops aligns with National Arts Month, honoring the artistic excellence and rich diversity of Filipino heritage and culture.

The 4-day festival is presented by a dynamic collaboration of prominent organizations including The Performance Laboratory, Inc., Women Playwrights’ International – Philippines, International Theatre Institute – International Playwright’s Forum, Teatrokon: West Visayas Theater Network, and University Of St. La Salle.


According to Founder & Festival Director Tanya Lopez, “This year’s edition of Kuris isn’t just about showcasing performances; it will serve as a vibrant platform where the exchange of ideas transcends borders, uniting diverse voices in a timely celebration of the arts and cultural differences.”

Festival attendees can expect a lineup of engaging activities including performances, screenings, staged readings, exhibits, and a series of lectures and workshops by esteemed and award-winning practitioners, ranging from playwrights and directors to actors, visual artists, and designers.

Award Winning Director & Theatre Educator Dr. Anton Juan gives a keynote speech during an opening ceremony at the USLS Gallage Theater on Feb 21. 

Notable resource persons include Dr. Anton Juan (Notre Dame University), Alvin Erasga Tolentino (Canada), Yasuhiro Okada (Japan), Emmanuel Paul Leonce Mailly (France), Victoria Waine-Kate Ip (Canada), Marc Gerenton (France), Glenn Sevilla Mas (Cultural Center of the Philippines), Denise Aguilar (InterCultural Theatre Institute, Singapore), Dr. Elsie Martinez-Coscolluela (Bacolod), August Melody Andong (Women’s Playwright International, Iloilo), Rene Hinojales (Bacolod), Jonathan Davila (Bacolod), Roger Joshua Venzal (Binalbagan), Jaime Chua (Bacolod), Joseph Liprado (Bacolod).

The festival will also feature the 13th edition of the International Playwright’s Forum with heARTh Café and the 12th edition of Women Playwrights International – Philippines.

Resource persons of Kuris International Theatre Festival & Workshops pose in front of participants during an opening ceremony at the USLS Gallage Theater on Feb 21. 

Another festival highlight is the “ACCUMULATION,” an environmental performance by Co.ERASGA Dance led by Filipino Canadian artist Alvin Tolentino, which was showcased on February 23 at the USLS Gallaga Theater.

The Kuris International Theatre Festival and Workshops annually bring together school and community-based theatre groups, along with theatre practitioners, scholars, and artists from across the globe, aiming to advance creativity, diversity, and excellence in artistic expression while fostering networking, collaboration, and artistic exchange.

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