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Explore what home means to the creatives-in-residency of Anakbanwa

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The annual ANAKBANWA Creative Residency Exhibit is back for its third edition. Explore what home means to this year’s creatives-in-residency as they present the fruits of their artistic endeavors, works that spring forth from explorations by the sea, conversations with creative communities, and diverse cultural influences. 

The exhibition opened on December 03, the exhibition unfolded in two parts: the ANAKBANWA Exhibit at the historic MacArthur House, West Central Elementary School in Dagupan City, featuring the works of Russ Ligtas, Dale Magsino, Alanis Avenilla, Lala Monserrat, and Dagupeño artist Eduard Gabrillo, aka Rehas; and the PANDARAGUPAN Exhibit at Casa Mira in the town of Mangaldan, featuring works of scholars selected from a previously held one-week art camp, in partnership with Cavite’s Linangan Arts Residency.


In A Brief History of the End, Russ navigates the historical and personal dimensions of Pangasinan. He embarks on a journey to bid farewell to the country, seeking to trace the outlines of a fragmented past but unexpectedly discovers a re-awakening as he confronts a microcosm of homeland, history, and present challenges. 

Dale Magsino’s Hangga’t May Mag-Uugat | Si Urduja At Ang Mga Kinalakian, delves into the resilience of native identity, urging the reclamation of forgotten roots for a future embraced with freedom. His works examine how the connection to ancestral roots perseveres through superstitions, myths, and traditions despite dominant cultural influences and conquests. 

A Portal to A Wounded System by Lala Monserrat explores the connection between humanity and the natural environment. Through sculptural casting, a collaboration with Dagupeño street artist Jai Hernandez, and documentation by Ruma Evangelista, Lala produces a collective work reflecting on abandonment, healing, and the enduring impact of memories within a broken system.

Architect Alanis Avenilla’s 50% Reclaimed intertwines art and architecture. The lifeguard post project, born from a blend of personal narrative, ecological experimentation, and artistic expression, pays homage to Dagupan’s evolving landscape, showcasing adaptive reuse and rewriting memories. The work will be offsite at Tondaligan, a work in progress that will remain even beyond Alanis’ stay in Dagupan. 

Rehas, this year’s Pangasinan District 4 (PD4) artist who took part in When Sugar Meets Salt, a residency exchange program between Dagupan’s ANAKBANWA and Bacolod’s Orange Project, reflects on childhood dreams and his memories growing up on Sta. Isabel Street as he goes through the journey of healing and forgetting in his new installation work. 

The third ANAKBANWA Creative Residency Program also celebrates a landmark year of significant developments and collaborations. ANAKBANWA’s partnership with Orange Project launched the first phase of their inter-residency exchange. In collaboration with the Department of Education, the program provided workshops and support to 110 aspiring creatives from the district. The PANDARAGUPAN Arts Camp, in collaboration with the Linangan Arts Residency, provided capacity-building and knowledge exchange for 16 emerging artists from the district as well. Through a close partnership with the Youth for Pangasinan Heritage, ANAKBANWA showcases contemporary works of art rooted in the richness of Pangasinan culture, history, and heritage. 

As the program continues to evolve, ANAKBANWA seeks not only to nurture local talent but also to broaden its impact through meaningful partnerships and an ever-expanding community of creatives.

For more information about the exhibits and the artists, visit Anakbanwa’s official Instagram account.

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