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Arts & Culture: Grace Tagum Orbon-Emmelot’s ‘Half Circles’, and finding half of our own space

OSLO, NORWAY – Born and raised in the Philippines, Grace Emmelot is now based in Norway.

Having begun her journey in her homeland, she continues to explore the many genres of photography—portrait, street, documentary, corporate, landscape, travel, and product. But her forte lies in these four: portraits, events, documentary and corporate photography.

Back in the Philippines, she established her own studio. With her art now ever evolving in Norway, she is in the exciting process of launching Emmelot Grace Photography very soon.


Aside from being a professional photographer, Grace is also a multimedia designer and teacher, passionate about both documentary and film production. She brings with her over two decades of experience in various yet interconnected fields of industry, such as events, film production, marketing, branding, and multimedia design.

As a photographer, Grace has been shooting freelance since 2012 for her personal studios, freelance and corporate jobs in the Philippines, and has also shot overseas for several projects.

Her distinct flavor and style have been deeply inspired by many Filipino photographers that she holds in high esteem, as well as her writing mentor, Ricky Lee, and her batchmates in the Katorse Writers Group.


A collection of Grace Emmelot’s photographic work in her motherland, the Philippines, and other places all over the world. It is the story of life at large, peoples, cultures, and her art.

This exhibition has a twofold objective: To showcase Grace Emmelot works as an artist and professional photographer, and to hope to relate to the immense courage of immigrants who have moved across the globe. Most, if not all of these people, still have half their hearts and souls in their native Philippines, and half in the place where they now live.

Half Circles is a migration journey of sorts, complex and nuanced, with the excitement of arriving in your new homeland and the loneliness of being apart from what you left behind.

Half Circles. Finding half of your own space.

A limited number of Grace’s photographic prints are available for purchase on-site of the exhibit at the Philippine Embassy Oslo and online through her website www.emmelotgracephotography.com.

Through this exhibit, Grace would like to reach out and collaborate with fellow artists and photographers by creating a common ground for organizing workshops in the field of arts and photography, best practice sharing, online forums, and photo walks, as well as help organize local exhibitions for other artists too.


Half Circles in exhibition at the Philippine Embassy Oslo, Norway Visitors of the embassy may view the full gallery by scanning the QR code in the exhibit display.

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