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Arts & Culture: Night Market, Kelsey Ang’s dance film series celebrating Asia’s cultural diversity, premieres at the Along the Edge Arts Festival 

HONG KONG — Night Market is a series of short dance films that celebrates cultural diversity and questions how people see, create and discover their own cultural identities from the artists’ perspectives as “Third Culture Kids” (TCKs).

TCKs are people who have spent a significant part of their developmental years outside their parents’ culture. Night Market is choreographed and directed by Kelsey Ang and created in collaboration with Sandrayati Fay, Celine Chai, Justin Tang, Lauren Ho, Jeffrey Han, and Bolun Wei. The films also include sound by Harry Septiandry (Midnight Runners) and David Karagianis.


This international collaboration between dance, music and film artists draws on the collaborators’ roots in Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Los Angeles, Norway Ireland, and Iceland, integrating western contemporary dance movement, city sounds, remixed Cantonese disco music, and songs inspired by Southeast Asian upbringings.

Presented by the Along the Edge Arts Festival, Night Market will be available for free online viewing May 1216 at http://alongtheedgefestival.org. Suggested donation of $15. Supporters can donate at https://nightmarketproject.com. Along with the premiere of the films, project donors will receive a zine featuring a collection of artworks, dance photography and photo collages inspired by Asia’s rich and colourful cultural landscapes.

The series consists of 4 short works:

快啲啦 Faai Di Laa
Choreographer: Kelsey Ang
Dancer: Kelsey Ang
Sound: David Karagianis
Lighting Design: John A. Garofalo
Choreographer: Kelsey Ang
Dancer: Kelsey Ang
Music: Sandrayati Fay
Cinematographer: Jeffrey Han


Common Grounds
Choreographers: Kelsey Ang and Celine Chai
Dancers: Kelsey Ang and Celine Chai
Cinematographer: Bolun Wei
Production Assistant: Gia Lee

Night Market
Directors: Kelsey Ang and Justin Tang
Choreographer: Kelsey Ang
Dancers: Kelsey Ang and Lauren Ho
Cinematographer: Justin Tang
Music: Munir Harry Septiandry, Midnight Runners
Production Assistants: Eugene Chan, Shaan Tulsani

For more information, you may visit https://nightmarketproject.com

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