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From the world stage to Bacolod City, performance work Fluid Translations is happening on June 24 at Orange Project

BACOLOD, PHILIPPINES — “Fluid Transitions,” a performance work by artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen in collaboration with fashion designer Shone Puipia, reflects on existential matters in a time of significant paradigm shifts where chaos is vital to make a new order. This project, which marries performance, visual arts, and fashion, was initiated and curated by Vanini Belarmino.

Delivering a selection of original text accompanied by live and recorded music and donning an elaborate costume doubling as her set, Cuenca’s performance bears with it multiple characters that shift between an activist, a preacher, a sorcerer, a queen, queer, and a wonder woman. The elaborate and intricate costumes created by Puipia consisting of four layers, serve as markers in the identity shifts. As a new character is revealed, Cuenca will be stripping them off like the Russian Babushka dolls.

Following its premiere at the National Gallery Singapore and the successful presentations at ATT19 in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Hempel Museum in Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark, the performance comes to life at Orange Project in Bacolod City, Philippines, on June 24, 4:00 pm. An artist talk will follow the performance.



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