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Immersive Van Gogh exhibit comes to life at BGC Arts Center

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — For a limited time, visitors have the unique opportunity to experience Van Gogh’s art and venture into his world. Created and produced by Grande Experiences, Van Gogh Alive is a multi-sensory experience to entertain the whole family. Van Gogh Alive at the BGC Arts Center is presented by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. with Del Monte Philippines.

Van Gogh Alive is a large-scale, multi-sensory experience that has inspired over 9 million people across a hundred cities around the world. The digital spectacular opens on October 20 for a strictly limited season at the BGC Arts Center, Taguig City.

In this exhibit, visitors will find themselves interacting with art in more immersive ways. From start to finish, visitors are surrounded by a vibrant symphony of light, color, sound, and aroma that has been called an ‘unforgettable’ multi-sensory experience. Van Gogh’s masterpieces come to life, giving visitors the sensation of walking right into his paintings, a feeling that is simultaneously enchanting, entertaining, and educational. Visitors also have the chance to examine Van Gogh’s sources of inspiration via photographs and videos displayed alongside his works.


This year, the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. takes Van Gogh Alive to new heights at the BGC Arts Center with more interactive, in-depth experiences, taking visitors on a historical art journey. Get to know Van Gogh and his artworks at the Introduction Hall, and be a part of his story in the multi-sensory experience through the state-of-the-art SENSORY4 immersive gallery. Apart from the immersive museum experience, visitors can capture creative photos in the Sunflower Mirror Room and Vincent’s Bedroom, draw Van Gogh’s famous artworks at the Art Studio, and take home their very own masterpieces.

“Van Gogh Alive is a fascinating, cohesive story about one of the greatest-known artists in history,” said Maria Isabel Garcia, Managing Director and Curator of the Bonifacio Art Foundation. “It touches you on so many levels whoever you are. It is faithful to its promise to immerse you into the artist’s work, with glimpses into an inner life that led to his captivating masterpieces.  Van Gogh Alive will hold you long beyond your visit.”

Grande Experiences’ state-of-the-art SENSORY4 immersive gallery combines with a tailored exhibition space to allow projections of enormous crystal-clear images. Set to an evocative classical score, a thrilling display of over 3,000 inspirational images transforms the world around you.

Doors are open to the public starting October 20 from Tuesdays to Sundays; 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays, and 10 am to 10 pm on weekends. Enter and exit anytime within the day of your scheduled visit, with a special entry lane and complimentary Van Gogh Alive program; Limited slots available. 

Ticket prices:

  • 2-hour pass: PHP 1,200 (adult), PHP 890 (child/student up to college level)
  • Premium Flex pass: PHP 2,500 (adult/child) – visitors can enter and exit any time within the day of their scheduled visit, with a special entry lane and complimentary Van Gogh Alive program. Limited slots are available. 

Tickets are available online here and at BGC Arts Center TicketWorld Box Office.

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