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Amperity launches new generative AI features to assist marketers on fixing data quality and access challenges

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Customer data platforms’ (CDPs) tendency to outsource cleaning and organizing customer data leads to poor data quality, made worse by the inherent nature of messy online and offline customer data. Furthermore, trying to resolve identities as customers change channels, households, names and contact details has become nearly impossible for CDPs as privacy rights restrict device and online data.

Amperity is focused on fixing the data quality and access challenges many marketers face with traditional customer data platforms (CDPs). The company has recently unveiled two new generative AI capabilities, Explore and Assist, that join existing AI-powered capabilities, Stitch and Predict, to create a comprehensive suite collectively known as AmpAi.

With AmpAi, marketers can make decisions based on a trusted data foundation to determine the best way to engage with customers and power downstream AI technologies. With AI and machine learning at its core, Amperity is already solving the biggest data challenges for over 400 brands, to help them connect the customer journey and make smart business decisions. Now, Amperity is introducing new Generative AI capabilities to add a critical intelligence layer to enable all technical and business users to get the most out of their customer data.

Barry Padgett, CEO at Amperity

“We’re on the cusp of a transformative shift in how brands interact with their customer data. For too long, the complexity of data queries and segment creation has been a barrier, consuming valuable time that could be spent on strategic initiatives,” said Barry Padgett, CEO at Amperity. “With Generative AI, we are empowering all users to be data scientists by democratising data usage and making customer insights accessible across the organisation. We’re not just helping brands save time; we’re empowering every team member to drive value and make informed decisions based on a trusted data foundation.”

AmpAi – grounded in product truth

The foundation of AmpAi is built on Amperity’s patented Stitch and predictive modeling capabilities. Now the company is introducing Assist and Explore, two new Generative AI products as part of the AmpAi suite.

Assist supports marketers, analysts, and data operators with creating marketing workflows more quickly. The first product within Assist is Ai Assistant, which removes the barriers to creating SQL queries and fixing potential errors within those queries.

“Before Ai Assistant, we turned to our developers to write SQL, often with a turnaround time of days. With Ai Assistant, my team can write queries and provide answers to Bobit’s leadership in a matter of minutes,” said Zainub Sareea, Vice President for Product at Bobit. “Ai Assistant has pushed us to be more data driven and empowers my team.”

Explore is all about enabling business users across the organisation to access and use customer data. AmpGPT, the first product in Explore, empowers marketers to interact with their data using natural language.

For instance, with AmpGPT, business users can ask questions such as:

  • “How many loyalty members are predicted to spend more than $1000 this year?”
  • “Who are my high value customers who have not made a purchase in 2024?”
  • “What customers bought running shoes in 2023?”

The AmpAi suite of capabilities are accessible and usable by everyone across the organisation.

For Business Users

  • Explore – Empowers everyone across the organisation by operating off of the same data truth to make decisions like a business owner with natural language.
  • Predict – Helps marketers understand what they need to do to keep the customers they have and make them even more profitable.

For Technical Users

  • Stitch – Unifies all data sources to create the highest data quality foundation to make business decisions.
  • Assist – Enables non-technical users and analysts to be more productive by building and customising new data assets on the Amperity platform.

The company will introduce more products under Assist and Explore in the coming months to help further democratize customer data and make it accessible to all users in a privacy-safe way.

“Generative AI is revolutionizing the business landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for brands to harness customer data in innovative ways,” said David Wallace, Research Director for Customer Data and Analytics at IDC.

“With the ability to analyze vast datasets, generate predictive models, and improve customer insights, AI is a requirement for business decision-makers considering the adoption of CDPs. The combination of Generative and Predictive AI represents a seismic shift in how organisations interact with customer data, moving from reactive analysis to automated and proactive engagement strategies that improve customer experiences,” David furthered.

To see AmpAi in action, check out the demo here.

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